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    Bingyun Li, Thomas Fintan Moriarty, Thomas Webster, Malcolm Xing, Editors.
    Summary: This book covers the latest research in biofilm, infection, and antimicrobial strategies in reducing and treating musculoskeletal, skin, transfusion, implant-related infections, etc. Topics covered include biofilms, small colony variants, antimicrobial biomaterials (antibiotics, antimicrobial peptides, hydrogels, bioinspired interfaces, immunotherapeutic approaches, and more), antimicrobial coatings, engineering and 3D printing, antimicrobial delivery vehicles, and perspectives on clinical impacts. Antibiotic resistance, which shifts the race toward bacteria, and strategies to reduce antibiotic resistance, are also briefly touched on. Combined with its companion volume, Racing for the Surface: Pathogenesis of Implant Infection and Advanced Antimicrobial Strategies, this book bridges the gaps between infection and tissue engineering, and is an ideal book for academic researchers, clinicians, industrial engineers and scientists, governmental representatives in national laboratories, and advanced undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are interested in infection, microbiology, and biomaterials and devices.

    Insights into the emergence, clinical prevalence and significance of Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants
    Periprosthetic Joint Infection
    Complications in orthopedic trauma surgery: fracture related infection
    Chiral Stereochemical Strategy for Antimicrobial Adhesion
    Perspectives on and need to develop new infection control strategies
    Battling bacteria with free and surface-immobilized polymeric nanostructures
    Engineering Approaches to Create Antibacterial Surfaces on Biomedical Implants and Devices
    3D Printed Ceramic-Polymer Composites for Treating Bone Infection
    Bioinspired interfaces for the management of skin infections
    Antimicrobial endodontic materials
    Local Delivery of Anti-biofilm Therapeutics
    Device-Related Infections
    Advances in polysaccharide based antimicrobial delivery vehicles
    Antibacterial Coatings on Medical Implants
    Perspectives on biomaterial-associated infection: pathogenesis and current clinical demands
    Polymeric Nanoparticulate Delivery Vehicles of Antimicrobials for Biofilm Eradication
    Pathogenesis of biomaterial-associated infection
    Metal- and Polymer-Based Nanoparticles for Advanced Therapeutic and Diagnostic System Applications
    Antimicrobial Material in Arthroplasty
    Antimicrobial Hydrogels: Key Considerations and Engineering Strategies for Biomedical Applications
    Antibacterial Polymeric and Peptide Gels/Hydrogels to Prevent Biomaterial-related Infections
    The Impact of Bacterial Biofilms in Transfusion Medicine
    Mechanisms of Action and Chemical Origins of Biologically Active Antimicrobial Polymers
    When the Race is Lost: The Clinical Impact of Prosthetic Joint Infections
    Antibacterial Hydroxyapatite: An Effective Approach to Cure Infections in Orthopedics
    Digital Access Springer 2020