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    Bingyun Li, Thomas Fintan Moriarty, Thomas Webster, Malcolm Xing, editors.
    Summary: This book covers the key basics of tissue engineering as well as the latest advances in the integration of both antimicrobial and osteoinductive properties. Topics covered include osteoconductive and osteoinductive biomaterials (calcium phosphate, bone morphogenetic protein, peptides, antibodies, bioactive glasses, nanomaterials, etc.) and scaffolds. Research integrating both antimicrobial/biofilm-inhibiting and osteoinductive/osteoconductive properties and their co-delivery is detailed and their roles in clinical success are discussed. Combined with its companion volume, Racing for the Surface: Antimicrobial and Interface Tissue Engineering, this book bridges the gap between infection and tissue engineering, and is an ideal book for academic researchers, clinicians, industrial engineers and scientists, governmental representatives in national laboratories, and advanced undergraduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are interested in tissue engineering and regeneration, infection, and biomaterials and devices.

    Part I: Innovative antimicrobial and osteoinductive therapeutics
    Advances in antimicrobial and osteoinductive biomaterials
    Recent Advances in Controlled Release Technologies for the Co-Delivery of Antimicrobial and Osteoconductive Therapeutics
    Biofilm-inhibiting and osseointegration-promoting orthopedic implants with novel nanocoatings
    Three dimensional (3D) and drug-eluting nanofiber coating for prosthetic implants
    Cationic antimicrobial coatings with osteoinductive properties
    Peptide Functionalized Biomaterials with Osteoinductive or Anti-biofilm Activity
    Construction of bio-functionalized ZnO coatings on titanium implants with both self-antibacterial and osteoinductive properties
    Gasotransmitters: antimicrobial properties and impact on cell growth for tissue engineering
    Carbon nanotubes: Their antimicrobial properties and applications in bone tissue regeneration
    Part II: Interface tissue engineering and advanced material for scaffolds
    Fracture healing and progress towards successful repair
    Animal models for bone tissue engineering and osteoinductive biomaterial research
    Bioprinting in Tissue Engineering
    Additive Manufacturing of Bio-scaffolds for Bone Regeneration
    Anti-biofouling and Antimicrobial Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
    Osteoinductive and osteoconductive biomaterials
    Bimetallic nanoparticles for biomedical applications: a review
    Peptide-mediated Bone Tissue Regeneration
    Antibody mediated osseous regeneration
    a new strategy for bioengineering
    Extracellular matrix-based materials for bone regeneration
    Calcium Phosphate Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering: Properties and Relevance in Bone Repair
    Bioactive Glasses in Orthopedic Applications
    Advances in Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
    SCAFFOLDS FOR TISSUE ENGINEERING: A state of the art review concerning types, properties, materials, processing and characterization
    Recent Developments of Zn-Based Medical Implants
    Recent physical interaction-based bioadhesives
    Tellurium, the forgotten element: a review for the properties, processes and biomedical applications of the bulk and nanoscale metalloid
    Digital Access Springer 2020