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    edited by Wilfried Mirschel, Vitaly V. Terleev, Karl-Otto Wenkel.
    Summary: This book contributes to a deeper understanding of landscape and regional modelling in general, and its broad range of facets with respect to various landscape parameters. It presents model approaches for a number of ecological and socio-economic landscape indicators, and also describes spatial decision support systems (DSS), frameworks, and model-based tools, which are prerequisites for deriving sustainable decision and solution strategies for the protection of comprehensively functioning landscapes. While it mainly focuses on the latest research findings in regional modelling and DSS in Europe, it also highlights the work of scientists from Russia. The book is intended for landscape modellers, scientists from various fields of landscape research, university teaching staff, and experts in landscape planning and management, landscape conservation and landscape policy.

    Modelling and simulation of agricultural landscapes
    Challenges and perspectives for integrated landscape modelling to support sustainable land use management in agrolandscapes
    Application of ecosystem modelling methodology on rural areas of Crimea
    Systematic approach
    Integral assessment of condition and sustainability of socio-ecological-economic systems
    The use of observation methods and model approaches for estimating regional crop evapotranspiration and yield in agro-landscapes
    Development of landscape-adaptive land use of the Upper Volga region based on geostatistical methods
    Modelling of the suitability of lands to the agrarian use and their resistance to negative processes
    A GIS-based model for the enhancement of rural landscapes: the case-study of Valdera
    Tuscany (Italy)
    Models for describing landscape hydrochemical discharge in mountain countries
    Agent-based modelling of a simple synthetic rangeland ecosystem
    The use of multitemporal spectral information to improve the classification of agricultural crops in landscapes
    Global evaluation of the status and sustainability of terrestrial landscapes and water bodies
    Spatial Estimation of Estonian Forest Landscapes' Soil Cover Humus Status: Methods, Model samples and Assessments
    Dynamics of soil organic matter in agricultural landscapes
    Model based assessment of nutrient load into water bodies from different landscape types
    Model-based estimation of irrigation water demand for different agricultural crops under climate change, presented for the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany
    Forecasting scanning branches of the hysteresis soil water-retention capacity for calculation of precise irrigation rates in agrolandscapes using a mathematical model
    Estimation of Leaf Area Index (LAI) of Russian Forests Using a Mechanical Model and Forest Inventory Data
    Assessment approach of the spatial wheat cultivation risk for the main cereal cropping regions of Russia
    Model based forecasting winter wheat yields using landscape and climate data
    Actual and model-based assessment of Castor fiber populations for different reserves in the European part of Russia and their impact on ecosystems
    Modelling biodiversity and ecosystem services trade-offs in agricultural landscapes to support planning and policy-making
    Simulating the Effects of Agrochemicals and Other Risk-Bearing Management Measures on the Terrestrial Agrobiodiversity: the RISKMIN Approach
    An interactive model-based decision support system for assessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture and agricultural landscapes
    A spatial analysis framework to assess responses of agricultural landscapes to climates and soils at regional scale
    Integrated modelling approach for land-use changes on different scales
    Assessment of soybeans crop management strategies using crop growth models for Central Brazil
    Estimation of Agro-landscape Productivity in Regional Scale using Dynamic Crop Models in a GIS Environment
    Landscape phenology modelling and decision support in Serbia.
    Digital Access Springer 2020