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    Yashpal Singh Malik, Raj Kumar Singh, Mahendra Pal Yadav, editors.
    Summary: This book, which is the first volume of the book series-Livestock Diseases and Management, summarizes the prominence and implications of the emerging and transboundary animal viruses. Although the livestock plays an important role in the economy of many countries, the emerging and transboundary animal viral diseases possess a serious risk to the animal-agriculture sector and food security globally. The book describes the precise and up-to-date information on animal viral diseases which have emerged in the recent past or are re-emerging due to various environmental factors and those which are not bounded in restricted national boundaries and attained the transboundary status. The chapters summarize the recent advancements in the molecular state-of-art tools towards the development of diagnostics, prophylactics, and therapeutics of these viruses. It also explicitly describes the challenges imposed by the emerging and transboundary viral infections and our preparedness to counter them.

    Chapter 1. Emerging and Transboundary Animal Viral Diseases- perspectives and preparedness
    Chapter 2. African Swine Fever Virus
    Chapter 3. Classical Swine Fever Virus
    Chapter 4. Porcine Coronaviruses
    Chapter 5. Torque Teno Virus
    Chapter 6. Teschovirus
    Chapter 7. Animal Flaviviruses
    Chapter 8. Orbiviruses
    Chapter 9. Equine Influenza Virus
    Chapter 10. Schmallenberg Virus
    Chapter 11. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus
    Chapter 12. Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
    Chapter 13. Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus
    Chapter 14. Sapelovirus
    Chapter 15. Hepatitis E Viruses.
    Digital Access Springer 2020