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    Shailendra K. Saxena, S.M. Paul Khurana, editors.
    Summary: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the recent trends in various Nanotechnology-based therapeutics and challenges associated with its development. Nanobiotechnology is an interdisciplinary research that has wide applications in the various fields of biomedical research. The book discusses the various facets of the application of Nanotechnology in drug delivery, clinical diagnostics, Nanomedicine and treatment of infectious and chronic diseases. The book also highlights the recent advancements on important devices and applications that are based on Nanotechnology in medicine and brief the regulatory and ethical issues related to nanomedical devices. It also reviews the toxicological profile of various nanomaterials and emphasizes the need for safe nanomaterials for clinical use. Finally, the book discusses the recent developments of potential commercial applications of Nanotechnology.

    Chapter 1. Current Advances in Nanotechnology and Medicine
    Chapter 2. Least Explored Small Wonders: Nano-biotechnology
    Chapter 3. Modern Approaches in Nanomedicine for neuroAIDS and CNS drug delivery
    Chapter 4. Nanobiotechnology: Paving the way to personalized medicine
    Chapter 5. Nanomedicine in cancer stem cell therapy
    Chapter 6. Nanobiosensor: Current Trends and Applications
    Chapter 7. Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A New Horizon in Cancer Treatment
    Chapter 8. Nanomedicine meets microRNA expression and function in prostate cancer
    Chapter 9. Biomedical applications of Viral Nanoparticles in vaccine therapy
    Chapter 10. HIV: Biology to Nanomedicine
    Chapter 11. Current Advances in Phage Inspired Nanocarriers Based Therapy
    Chapter 12. Nanophytotherapeutic potential of Essential Oils against Candida infections
    Chapter 13. Molecular tests for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis: Nanodiagnostics Approaches
    Chapter 14. Molecular Mechanisms of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Role of nanoparticles against Multi-Drug Resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)
    Chapter 15. Nano-Mass spectrometry (nano-MS) based lipidomics
    Chapter 16. Techniques to understand Mycobacterial Lipids and use of Lipid Based Nanoformulations for Tuberculosis Management
    Chapter 17. Recent trends and challenges in Patches for cardiac tissue reengineering: role of Nanomaterials
    Chapter 18. Cyclic dinucleotides: Big roles of small molecules and its role in nanotechnology and medicine
    Chapter 19. Antibodies: Biology to Therapeutics and its role in nanomedicine
    Chapter 20. Nanotoxicology in Medicine
    Chapter 21. Antibody-targeted nanoparticles for cancer treatment
    Chapter 22. Nanoparticle mediated combined photothermal and photodynamic therapy
    Chapter 23. Nanotechnology based devices and its applications in medicine- Chapter 24. Opportunities in clinical translation and commercialization of nanomedicine.
    Digital Access Springer 2020