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    Yankai Xia, editor.
    This book offers valuable insights into the latest concepts and findings from epidemiologic, clinical and basic studies in the burgeoning area of early-life environmental exposure and diseases. The book is divided into five parts, starting with an overview of environmental exposure measurement and evaluation, followed by a review of the effects of exposure to various substances like tobacco smoke, pesticides and metals as well as stress on offsprings health. It then discusses the developmental origins of a range of childhood diseases that affect growth, neural development and the immune system, and highlights the importance of longitudinal studies that measure exposure at potentially sensitive time points during childhood. It also provides up-to-date evidence of the intergenerational/transgenerational effects of early-life environmental exposure, especially via genetic and epigenetic pathways. Allowing readers to gain a thorough understanding of the predominating aspects of early-life environmental exposure and diseases, the book also provides a basis for developing environmental and health policies that could have wide and long-term impacts on human health.
    Digital Access  Springer 2020