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  • Book
    edited by Paolo Pelosi, Wolfgang Knoll.
    Chapter One: Genome mining and sequence analysis of chemosensory soluble proteins in arthropods
    Chapter Two: Reconstructing protein-coding sequences from ancient DNA
    Chapter Three: Bioinformatic, genomic and evolutionary analysis of genes: A case study in dipteran CSPs
    Chapter Four: Proteomics of arthropod soluble olfactory proteins
    Chapter Five: Analysis of post-translational modifications in soluble proteins involved in chemical communication from mammals and insects
    Chapter Six: Bacterial expression and purification of vertebrate odorant-binding proteins
    Chapter Seven: Structure of odorant binding proteins and chemosensory proteins determined by X-ray crystallography
    Chapter Eight: Solution structure of insect CSP and OBPs by NMR
    Chapter Nine: Stability of OBPs
    Chapter Ten: Ligand-binding assays with OBPs and CSPs
    Chapter Eleven: Fine structure immunocytochemistry—An important tool for research on odorant-binding proteins
    Chapter Twelve: Effect of OBPs on the response of olfactory receptors
    Chapter Thirteen: Site-directed mutagenesis of odorant-binding proteins
    Chapter Fourteen: Silencing of OBP genes: Generation of loss-of-function mutants of PBP by genome editing
    Chapter Fifteen: Electrochemical biosensing with odorant binding proteins: Chapter Sixteen - Electronic biosensors based on graphene FETs
    Chapter Seventeen: Electronic biosensors based on EGOFETs
    Chapter Eighteen: Gravimetric biosensors
    Chapter Nineteen: Plasmonic biosensors relying on biomolecular conformational changes: Case of odorant binding proteins.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2020