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    Marie Gerhard-Herman, Aaron Aday.
    Summary: This practical manual makes clinical vascular medicine easy for the health care provider to master by providing frameworks for each area of diagnosis and a practical approach to necessary testing. Rather than providing long lists of possible diagnoses for a clinical question, each approach is broken down into a flow chart of the thinking and questions necessary so that only those needed in each situation are utilized. Chapters cover a broad range of topics including arterial and venous testing in the laboratory, thrombophilia, cold disorders of the extremities and lymphatic diseases. Manual of Vascular Medicine provides extensive case-based learning for trainees and practicing physicians looking to expand their knowledge in this field that crosses many traditional disciplines. It is therefore of importance to any medical professional managing vascular patients, including cardiovascular and vascular physicians, nephrologists, neurologists, phlebologists, dermatologists, general medical doctors and vascular radiologists.

    Noninvasive Vascular Testing
    Evaluation of Leg Pain
    Peripheral Artery Disease
    Aortic Disease
    Renal and Mesenteric Vascular Disease
    Vasospastic Disease
    Cerebrovascular Disease
    Evaluation of Limb Swelling
    Venous Thromboembolic Disease
    Vascular Compression Syndromes
    Special Populations.
    Digital Access Springer 2020