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    J. Michael Scott, John A. Wiens, Beatrice Van Horne, Dale D. Goble.
    Summary: "This is a book about conservation reliance-the need of many declining and imperiled species for ongoing, long-term conservation and management. It is also about shepherding nature-the need for a broad acceptance of the responsibility of humans to act as good shepherds. These are things that the four of us have spent much of our careers thinking about"-- Provided by publisher.

    Extinction and the challenge of conservation reliance
    The conservation spectrum
    The genesis of conservation reliance and the language of conservation
    What are the threats?
    Emerging threats in a rapidly changing world
    The role of policy and law
    What's in the conservationist's toolbox : species-centered approaches
    Expanding the conservationist's toolbox : going beyond species
    Conservation reliance is a human issue
    Making tough decisions : prioritizing species for conservation
    Being a good shepherd.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2020