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    Antonio Lopez-Beltran, Liang Cheng, Maria R. Raspollini, Rodolfo Montironi.
    Summary: Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed noncutaneous neoplasm in men in the United States and is the second leading cause of cancer mortality. It poses diagnostic challenges in day-to-day practice in misdiagnosis of tumor-like lesions and secondary tumors. This book is a concise, practical guide to prostate pathology and is structured to guide pathologists, both practicing and trainees, in the diagnostic process. Numerous color images and algorithms show, in a practical manner, how to integrate pathologic and immunohistochemical features to reach a correct diagnosis in prostate tumors and tumor-like lesions. The book incorporates recent developments in biomarkers applied to immunohistochemistry, representing the best immunohistochemistry practice applied to current diagnosis of prostate cancer in biopsies and surgical specimens. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to the clinical management of prostate cancer and will also appeal to all healthcare professionals treating patients, particularly urologists, oncologists, biomedical scientists, and researchers. This book provides access to an online version on Cambridge Core, accessed via the code printed on the inside of the cover.

    Basic anatomy and histology of the prostate
    Inflammatory and tumor-like conditions of the prostate
    Preneoplastic lesions and conditions of the prostate
    Adenocarcinoma of the prostate
    Gleason grading of prostate cancer
    Histologic subtypes of prostatic carcinoma
    Neuroendocrine tumors of the prostate
    Pathologic prognostic factors of prostate cancer
    Pathology of the prostate after treatment
    Basic molecular pathology of prostate cancer
    Rare forms of prostatic carcinoma
    Tumors and tumor-like conditions of the prostate stroma
    Soft tissue and miscellaneous primary tumours of the prostate
    Metastatic and secondary tumors of the prostate
    The seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts
    Pathology of the prostatic urethra
    Practical immunohistochemistry of prostate cancer and related lesions.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2017