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    edited by David Dejour, Stefano Zaffagnini, Elizabeth A. Arendt, Petri Sillanpää, Florian Dirisamer.
    Summary: This excellently illustrated book adopts an evidence-based approach to evaluate the efficacy of different techniques for the imaging and treatment of patellofemoral pain, instability, and arthritis. The aim is to equip practitioners with an informative guide that will help them to manage disorders of the patellofemoral joint by casting light on the many issues on which a consensus has been lacking. The opening chapters supply essential background information and explain the role of various imaging modalities, including radiography, CT, MRI, and bone scan. The various conservative and surgical treatment approaches for each of the three presentations - pain, instability, and arthritis - are then described and assessed in depth, with precise guidance on indications and technique. Postoperative management and options in the event of failed surgery are also evaluated. Throughout, careful attention is paid to the literature in an attempt to establish the level of evidence for each imaging and treatment method. The new edition has been thoroughly updated, with inclusion of additional chapters, in order to present the latest knowledge on biomechanics, diagnosis, surgical techniques, and rehabilitation.

    Classification and general considerations
    Syndromes genetics
    Detecting and addressing psychological factors
    Imaging Analysis of Patella Instability Factors
    MRI of the Patellofemoral Articular Cartilage
    Computed Tomography and Arthro-CT Scan in Patellofemoral Disorders move to imaging
    The Role of Tibial and Femoral Rotational Torsion abnormalities in the Treatment of Patellofemoral Dysfunction
    Pathophysiology of Anterior Knee Pain
    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
    Non operative Treatment of PF pain
    Is there a surgical Treatment of PF pain
    Instability Factors Principals and Secondary for Instability
    Influence of Risk Factors in the Natural History
    Clinical Symptoms and Examination of Acute and Chronic Patellar Dislocations
    First Time Dislocation: How to deal with it
    Medial Side Patellofemoral Anatomy: Surgical Implications in Patellofemoral Instability
    Is there any place for medial reefing in acture PF dislocation which technical procedure?
    Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction Indications and Surgical Technique
    MPTL (Medial Patellotibial Ligament) Reconstruction
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomies
    Indications and results
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomies
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomies
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomies
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomies Complications
    Trochleoplasty Indications and results
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Arthroscopy
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Deepening Bereiter
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Deepening Lyon
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Elevating/lateral
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Recession Osteotomy
    Trochleoplasty Techniques: Complications
    Lateral Release of the Lateral Patellar Retunaculum
    Lateral Retinaculum Lengthening
    Lateral retinaculum reconstruction
    Surgical Rehabilitation for select individual procedures
    Designing a rehabilitation programme for PFJ rehabilitation
    Complex primary cases
    Obligatory dislocators in flexion
    Is there an indication for Patella osteotomies
    Is there an indication for correcting a valgus knee
    Isolated Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis: Natural History and clinical Presentation
    The Non-operative Treatment of Patellofemoral Arthritis
    Techniques for cartilage restoration in pf joint
    Isolated Patellofemoral unipolar pf cartilage lesions when to intervene
    Partial Lateral Facetectomy
    Isolated Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis: Prosthetic Indications
    Patellofemoral disorders in skeletally immature patients
    Specific procedures for pediatric dislocation
    Mpfl techniques and constraints: what does this mean?
    Patellar tendon shortening
    Tibial tubercule procedure / old Osgood Schlatter
    Femoral and tibial osteotomies
    Epiphsiodesis : we already have limb lengthening.
    Digital Access Springer 2020