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    edited by Alopi M. Patel, Himani V. Bhatt, Sang J. Kim.
    Summary: Focused and results-based, this important board review title covers everything that residents need to know when preparing for their Anesthesiology BASIC exam. Written by residents familiar with the exam, its use of bullet points and illustrations enables effective learning and efficient exam preparation. Providing a comprehensive review of all exam topics, the guide uses a clear and focused note-taking style to present 'high-yield' information, enabling efficient study techniques. Bullet points and short paragraphs feature to help rapid understanding, with margin space provided to annotate and add further notes. The helpful format ensures that all exam preparation, including notes from question banks, can be kept in this 'one-stop' review book. Mirroring the BASIC exam requirements, this book covers clinical anesthetic practice, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, and anesthesia equipment and monitoring. Written by residents for residents, it is an essential preparation resource for the Anesthesiology BASIC exam.

    Anesthesia delivery systems
    Monitoring methods
    Ventilators, alarms, and safety features
    Electrical, fire, and explosion hazards
    Basic mathematics and statistics
    General pharmacology
    Inhaled anesthetics
    Intravenous anesthetics
    Local anesthetics
    Muscle relaxants Evaluation of the patient and preoperative preparation
    Preparation for general anesthesia and premedication
    Regional anesthesia
    General anesthesia
    Monitored anesthesia care and sedation
    Intravenous fluid therapy
    Complications of anesthesia: etiology, prevention, treatment
    Postanesthesia recovery period: analgesics
    Postanesthesia recovery period: common scenarios
    Central and peripheral nervous system
    Pain mechanisms and pathways
    Autonomic nervous system
    Central nervous system anatomy
    Respiratory physiology
    Respiratory system anatomy
    Respiratory system: pharmacology
    Cardiovascular physiology
    Basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medications, defibrillators, and advanced
    Cardiac life S
    Cardiovascular anatomy
    Cardiovascular pharmacology
    Gastrointestinal systems
    Renal anatomy and physiology
    Renal pharmacology
    Hematologic system: coagulation, anticoagulation, antiplatelet, and thrombolytics
    Transfusions Reactions to transfusions
    Endocrine and metabolic systems
    Neuromuscular physiology and disorders
    Special problems or issues in anesthesiology
    Digital Access Cambridge 2018