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    edited by Murat Gokden, Manoj Kumar.
    Summary: Neuroscience is an evolving, complex, and multidisciplinary field of medicine. Neuroradiologists and neuropathologists are an important part of the multidisciplinary team in addition to neurosurgeons, neurologists, and other disciplines. Featuring over nine hundred images, this practical textbook and atlas combines the specialties of neuroradiology and neuropathology, providing an extensive understanding of the disease process. It offers a comprehensive review of the nervous system diseases, including eye, skeletal muscle, and bone and soft tissue diseases. Topics are covered in chapters arranged by region, allowing for quick reference of conditions such as brain tumors, spinal cord diseases, or congenital malformations. Introductory chapters on pathologic and radiologic techniques are also featured, enabling specialists of both areas to familiarize themselves with the other's subject. Packaged with a password to give the user online access to all the text and images, this is a must-have resource for comprehensive and accurate diagnosis.

    Radiologic techniques / Manoj Kumar
    Pathologic techniques / Theodore Friedman, Mahtab Tehrani
    Meningeal mass lesions / Mahlon D. Johnson, Ali Hussain
    Diffuse leptomeningeal and dural lesions / Ali Hussain, Mahlon D. Johnson
    Sellar and suprasellar region / Beatriz Lopes, Prashant Raghavan
    Pineal region / Melissa Gener, Stephen Kralik, Eyas Hattab
    Mass effect and edema / Bret Evers, Travis Danielsen, Manoj Kumar
    Cerebral mass lesions / Douglas C. Miller, Girish M. Fatterpekar
    Cerebral atrophy / Robert E. Mrak, Edgardo J.C. Angtuaco
    Ventricular system / Bruce C. Gilbert, Suash Sharma, Ramon Figueroa, Amyn M Rojiani
    White matter / Suash Sharma, Brandi Villarreal, John Edry, Reed Murtagh, Amyn M. Rojiani
    Cerebellum and brainstem mass lesions / Raghu H. Ramakrishnaiah, Veena Rajaram, Charles M. Glasier
    Malformations / Veena Rajaram, Korgun Koral
    Cerebellopontine angle / Rohan S. Samant, Murat Gokden
    Spinal cord / Sumit Singh, S. Humayun Gultekin
    Bone and soft tissues / Roopa Ram, Kedar Jambhekar, Robin Elliott
    Peripheral nervous system / Shivani Ahlawat, Laura M. Fayad, Fausto Rodriguez
    Skeletal muscle / S. Humayun Gultekin, Brooke Beckett
    Ophthalmic diseases / Anat O. Stemmer-Rachamimov, Nora Laver, Declan McGuone, Baiju Shah, Gene M. Weinstein, Harprit Singh Bedi.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2017