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    Yuri Makhalev.
    Summary: Based on actual data of Soviet whaling, and reliable methodologies that existed at the time when this monograph was written, it examines the distribution and migration patterns of whales of the Southern Ocean. It defines distinct populations on the basis of phenes, as well as whale breeding zones, which are located in the adjacent to the Southern Ocean waters at lower latitudes. The book records the presence of a new species of killer whale in the Southern Ocean--Orcinus nana. Prenatal growth patterns, pregnancy and lactation duration, mean sizes of new-born whales are determined. Methods for the graphic recording of registering structures are described, and an original method for their decoding is proposed to determine animal age. The age of sexual and physical maturity, life expectancy is determined. Earlier unknown "pair formations" on the lower jaw of baleen whales and sperm whales are described, together with their macro, histological and electronic microscopic structure. The impact of the extermination of whales on the Southern Ocean ecosystem is examined, recommendations for control of the current state of whale populations are given, and perspectives of whale population recovery are estimated. Regions that could be used as testing areas for whale registration method are defined. The book is intended for biologist-cytologists, ecologists and other specialists interested in cetaceans, and for biology students.

    1. Historical review of whaling
    2. Analysis of the correlation between whale length and weight
    3. General growth laws
    4. Biology of reproduction of cetaceans
    5. Whale distribution
    6. Southern Ocean ecosystem status and perspectives on whale population recovery
    7. Photo selection
    Digital Access Springer 2019