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    Deepak G Panpatte, Yogeshvari K Jhala, editors.
    Summary: The emergence of nanotechnology and the development of new nano-devices and nanomaterials open up opportunities for novel applications in agriculture and biotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to modernize the agricultural research and practice. Nanotechnology has gained momentum in agriculture sector during last decade, but still there are knowledge gap between scientific communities. This book comprise of holistic coverage about current developments in nanotechnology based sustainable agriculture. It contains sections focusing on each aspect of the implications of nanotechnology in different sectors of agriculture from crop production, soil fertility management, crop improvement etc. It also provides insight into the current trends and future prospects of nanotechnology along with the benefits and risks and their impact on agricultural ecosystems. This book emphasize on use of nanotechnology to reduce agrochemical usage via smart delivery system, increase nutrient use efficiency, improved water and nutrient management, nano-biosensors for management of plant diseases etc. The book provides thorough knowledge for dealing with current challenges of agricultural sector using nanotechnology based agricultural interventions. It will serve as reference literature for scientists, policymakers, students and researchers who are engaged in development of strategies to cope up with challenges of current agricultural systems and society.

    1) Nanotechnology in agriculture
    2) Bio production of silver nanoparticles and its potential applications in Agriculture
    3) Biological Synthesis of Nanoparticles using bacteria
    4) Biofabrication of Nanoparticles using fungi
    5) Nanoformulations Based on Bacillus subtilis Lipopeptides: The Future of Agriculture: Fruits
    6)Use of bio-based nanoparticles in Agriculture
    7) Uptake, Accumulation and toxicity of metal nanoparticles in autotroph
    8) Carbon Nanotubes in Agriculture: Production, Potential and Prospects
    9) Impact and current perspectives of zinc oxide nanoparticles on soil
    10) Soil ecological pros and cons of nanomaterials: Impact on micro-organisms and soil health
    11) Beneficial effects of metal- and metalloid-based nanoparticles on crop production
    12) Environmental impact and Eco-toxicological influence of biofrabricated nanoparticle on soil activity
    13) Nanobiosensors: A novel approach in precision agriculture
    14) Nanoparticle mediated plant gene transfer for precision farming and sustainable agriculture
    15) Nanotechnology for polluted soil remediation.
    Digital Access Springer 2019