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    editor, G.R. Sinha.
    Summary: This book provides a framework for robust and novel biometric techniques, along with implementation and design strategies. The theory, principles, pragmatic and modern methods, and future directions of biometrics are presented, along with in-depth coverage of biometric applications in driverless cars, automated and AI-based systems, IoT, and wearable devices. Additional coverage includes computer vision and pattern recognition, cybersecurity, cognitive computing, soft biometrics, and the social impact of biometric technology. The book will be a valuable reference for researchers, faculty, and practicing professionals working in biometrics and related fields, such as image processing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Highlights robust and novel biometrics techniques Provides implementation strategies and future research directions in the field of biometrics Includes case studies and emerging applications.

    Classification of Biometrics
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Biometric Databases
    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Design of Classifiers
    Cybersecurity and Biometrics
    New Algorithms and Technologies
    Cognitive Computing
    Usability and Testing Methods
    3D Face Recognition
    Biometric Standards and Protocols
    Dimensionality Reduction
    Application and Case Studies
    Template Aging
    Biometric Template Security
    Soft Biometrics
    Social Impact of Biometric Technology
    Future Directions and Robustness.
    Digital Access Springer 2019