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    Deepak G. Panpatte, Yogeshvari K. Jhala, editors.
    Summary: The emergence of nanotechnology and the development of new nanodevices and nanomaterials have opened up exciting opportunities for novel applications in agriculture and biotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to modernize agricultural research and practice, but although it has gained momentum in the agriculture sector over last decade, there are still knowledge gaps between scientific communities. This book presents a comprehensive overview of current developments in nanotechnology-based sustainable agriculture. Focusing on various aspects of nanotechnology in different sectors of agriculture, such as crop production, soil fertility management and crop improvement, it offers insights into the current trends and future prospects of nanotechnology, along with the benefits and risks and their impact on agricultural ecosystems. It also highlights the use of nanotechnology to reduce agrochemical usage, to increase nutrient uptake efficiency and to improve water and nutrient management, and the use of nano-biosensors to manage plant diseases. The book is a valuable reference resource for scientists, policymakers, students and researchers who are engaged in developing strategies to cope with current agricultural challenges.

    Intro; Preface; Contents; About the Editors;
    1: Nanobiotechnology for Agricultural Productivity, Food Security and Environmental Sustainability; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Nanotechnology for Agricultural Productivity; 1.2.1 Nanofertilizers; 1.2.2 Nanopesticides; 1.2.3 Nanoparticle-Based Plant Gene Transfer; 1.3 Nanotechnology for Food Security; 1.3.1 Nutrients and Dietary Supplements; 1.3.2 Nanoparticles in Food Processing; 1.3.3 Nanotechnology in Food Packaging and Storage; 1.4 Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability; 1.5 Ecological and Health Risks of Nanoparticles 1.6 Conclusion and Future PerspectivesReferences;
    2: Nanofertilizers: A Recent Approach in Crop Production; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Challenges of Existing Agricultural Practices; 2.3 Nanofertilizer and Its Role in Agriculture; 2.4 Properties of Nanofertilizer; 2.5 Nanofertilizer a Better Option than Conventional Fertilizers; 2.6 Synthesis of Nanofertilizers; 2.7 Types of Nanofertilizers; 2.7.1 Nitrogen-Based Nanofertilizers; 2.7.2 Phosphate-Based Nanofertilizers; 2.7.3 Iron-Based Nanofertilizers; 2.7.4 Zinc-Based Nanoparticles as Fertilizers; 2.7.5 Titanium-Based Nanofertilizers 2.14 Biosafety Issues Related to the Use of Nanofertilizers2.15 Future Prospects; 2.16 Conclusion; References;
    3: Nanofertilizers: Smart Delivery of Plant Nutrients; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Nanotechnology in Agriculture; 3.2.1 Plant Nutrients; 3.2.2 Fertilizers for Nutrients; 3.2.3 Nanomaterials for Slow and Controlled Release of Nutrients; 3.2.4 Smart Delivery of Nutrients; 3.2.5 Nanoformulations for Smart Delivery of Nutrients; Nanoformulations of Macronutrients; Nanoformulations of Micronutrients; Nanoformulations of Biofertilizers; 3.3 Future Prospects 2.7.6 Aluminum-Based Nanoparticles as Fertilizers2.7.7 Copper-Based Nanofertilizers; 2.7.8 Silver-Based Nanofertilizers; 2.8 Nanofertilizer Formulation and Their Delivery System; 2.9 Uptake, Translocation, and Fate of Nanofertilizers in Plants; 2.9.1 Movement of Nanoparticles Inside Plants; 2.10 Fate of Nanofertilizers in Ecosystems; 2.10.1 Different Effects of Nanofertilizers; Plant Toxicity; Effects on Biodiversity and Abundance; 2.11 Nanofertilizers Products; 2.12 Economic Analysis of Nanofertilizers; 2.13 Applications of Nanofertilizers 3.4 Safety and Ethical Issues3.5 Conclusions; References;
    4: Nanoelements: An Agricultural Paradigm for Targeted Plant Nutrition Therapeutic Approach; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Nano-fertilizers; 4.2.1 Types of Plant Nutrients; 4.2.2 Micronutrient Fertilizer; 4.3 Why Are Nano-nutrients Required?; 4.4 Need of Nanoagri-nutrient Technology; 4.5 Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture; 4.6 Nanoparticles as Target Delivery Vehicles; 4.7 Conclusions; References;
    5: Nanoparticles for the Improved Crop Production; 5.1 Introduction
    Digital Access Springer 2019