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    Liming Zhao, editor.
    Summary: The book provides an overview of bio-manufacturing techniques for the production, purification, characterization and modification of chito/chitin oligosaccharides and their monomers. In addition, it explores potential applications in the food, biomedical and agricultural industry on the basis of their bioactivities and biomaterial properties. Lastly, it shares a range of cutting-edge insights to help solve problems in industrial processes and promote further academic investigation. Given its scope, it offers a valuable resource for researchers and graduate students in the fields of bioengineering, food science, biochemistry, etc.

    Intro; Preface; Contents; Editor and Contributors; Abbreviations; Part I: Introductory and Background Information;
    1: The History of Chito/Chitin Oligosaccharides and Its Monomer; 1.1 Introduction; 1.1.1 Chitin; 1.1.2 Chitosan; 1.1.3 Chitooligosaccharides; 1.1.4 Chitin Oligosaccharides; 1.1.5 Glucosamine and N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine; 1.2 Biological Activities of Chito/Chitin Oligosaccharides; 1.2.1 Antimicrobial Activity; 1.2.2 Antioxidant Activity; 1.2.3 Anti-inflammatory Activity; 1.2.4 Anti-tumor/Anticancer Activity; 1.2.5 Immunostimulatory Activities 1.2.6 Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration Properties1.2.7 Hypocholesterolemic Activity; 1.2.8 Elicitors of Plant Immunity; 1.3 Future Perspectives and Limitations; References;
    2: Current Studies of Chito/Chitin Oligosaccharides and Its Monomer; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 The Predominant Countries and Areas Research on Chito/Chitin Oligosaccharides; 2.3 The Comparation of Articles and Patents Published About COS and ChOS; 2.4 The Popularity Changes of Research on COS and ChOS Over Time; 2.5 The Future Research Trends on COS and ChOS; 2.6 Conclusion; References 3.7 Monomer (Monosaccharide) Generation: Chemical Hydrolysis, Fermentation and Enzymatic Methods3.7.1 Chemical Hydrolysis; 3.7.2 Enzymatic Methods; 3.7.3 Fermentation; 3.8 Conclusions; References;
    4: Preparation of Chitin Oligosaccharides and Its Monomer; 4.1 Functions of Chitin Oligosaccharides; 4.2 Chemical Methods for Preparation of Chitin Oligosaccharides; 4.3 Physical Methods for Preparation of Chitin Oligosaccharides; 4.4 Enzymatic Methods for Preparation of Chitin Oligosaccharides; 4.4.1 The Pretreatments of Chitin Native Chitosanase Crystal Structure DeterminationCatalytic Mechanism; Summary of the Extensively Studied Chitosanases; The Cleavage Mode Analysis for Chitosanase; Cleavage Specificity Analysis; The Chitooligosaccharides Product Analyses Generated by the Chitosanases; Protein Engineering for Chitosanase and Applications of Chitosanase in the Chitosan Oligomer Generation; 3.5 Chitooligosaccharide Generation Based on the Chemoenzymatic Approach; 3.6 Future Directions of Chitooligosaccharides Preparation Part II: Bio-Manufacturing of Chito/Chitin Oligosaccharides and Its Monome
    r3: Preparation of Chitooligosaccharides and Its Monomer; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Chemical Hydrolysis Methods to Generate the Oligomer; 3.3 Physical Methods Used to Enhance the Depolymerization Efficiency; 3.4 Enzymatic Methods Used to Generate the Chitooligosaccharide; 3.4.1 Nonspecific Enzymes Used for the Generation of the Chitooligosaccharides; 3.4.2 Specific Enzymes Used for the Chitooligosaccharides Generation; Three Dimensional Structural Analyses for Chitosanases
    Digital Access Springer 2019