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    Sonia Gallina-Tessaro, editor.
    Summary: This book brings together the latest information on tropical ungulates in different Latin American countries. These animals are not only important from the point of view of their role in different ecosystems, but also have cultural value for people. The book also discusses topics such as habitat transformation and hunting as these species are an important source of food in many places. Addressing ungulate natural communities in diverse ecosystems and countries, the book provides information on specific aspects of each of the most representative species, and highlights topics to help readers better understand these species and develop effective management and conservation strategies. The information presented also reveals the need for more knowledge and will hopefully provide the incentive for continued studies on this important group of animals. This publication serves as a reference for academic research on ungulate ecology, behavior and dynamics, as well as the basis for conservation strategies.

    Section 1
    General Topics of Tropical Ungulated Species
    Chapter 1
    Introduction: Tropical Ungulates in Latin America
    Chapter 2
    Tropical Ungulates in Mexico
    Chapter 3
    Tropical Ungulates of Costa Rica
    Chapter 4
    Tropical Ungulates of Honduras
    Chapter 5
    Tropical Ungulates of Panama
    Chapter 6
    Tropical Ungulates of Colombia
    Chapter 7
    Tropical Ungulates of Venezuela
    Chapter 8
    Tropical Ungulates of Peru
    Chapter 9
    Tropical Ungulates of Brazil
    Chapter 10
    Tropical Ungulates of Argentina Chapter 11
    Tropical Ungulates of Uruguay
    Section 2
    SpecificTopics of Tropical Ungulated Species
    Chapter 12
    Mule Deer
    Chapter 13
    White-Tailed Deer
    Chapter 14
    Brocket Deer
    Chapter 15
    White Lipped Peccari
    Chapter 16
    Collared Peccari
    Chapter 17
    Digital Access Springer 2019