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    Cristina Maccalli, Matilde Todaro, Soldano Ferrone, editors.
    Summary: This book represents an updated summary of the state of the art of the characterization of cancer stem cell/cancer initiating cell (CSC/CIC) properties. Experts provide an overview of the definition and biological properties of CSCs/CICs as well as the role of these cells in determining the resistance to standard and immune-based therapies. It also discusses limitations in the achievement of a definitive biological characterization of CSCs/CICs due to their high extent of plasticity and heterogeneity that is also mutually driven by the interaction of these cells with the tumor microenvironment. The limitations in targeting CSCs/CICs with immunotherapy are also explained together with explorative combination approaches that could increase the susceptibility of these cells to the recognition by immune cells. This book is conceived for a broad audience, including students, teachers, scientific experts. The critical revision of available results in terms of immunological profile of CSCs/CICs and the efficacy in targeting these cells by immunological approaches, results in a comprehensive and up to date recapitulation of the field and provides interesting suggestions on how to focus future investigations in order to assess the role of CSCs/CICs as prognostic and predictive biomarkers of responsiveness to therapies for cancer patients.

    Cancer Stem Cells: from birth to death
    A Cancer Stem Cell Perspective on Minimal Residual Disease in Solid Malignancies
    Cancer Stem Cells in Lung Cancer: Roots of Drug Resistance and Targets for Novel Therapeutic Strategies
    Overexpression of YY1 Regulates the Resistance of Cancer Stem Cells: Targeting YY1
    Cancer Stem Cell Challenges in Melanoma Characterization and Treatment
    Harnessing the immune system to target cancer cells
    Targeting leukemia stem cells and the immunological bone marrow microenvironment
    Crosstalk Between Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and Immune Cells: Implications for Tumor Progression and Resistance to Immunotherapy
    Cancer stem cells: the players of immune evasion from immunotherapy
    Digital Access Springer 2019