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    Katharina Kreissig.
    Summary: This book is a practical, compact guide for the identification of common tropical and subtropical ornamental plants by flower colour. It is intended for anyone who is interested in plants and would like to get to know the attractive flowering plants of warm regions while travelling. Certainly everyone in a foreign country has at some point admired a particularly exotic flower and wished to know which plant it is. With appealing photos and comprehensible texts, this book provides the answer - quickly and easily. The author is an experienced tour guide and is regularly asked for eye-catching, ornamental plants on the way. She photographed the frequently requested plants and arranged them according to colour in this nature guide. This book is also suitable for beginners without previous botanical knowledge due to its illustrations and simple sorting.

    Yellow flowers
    Orange flowers
    Red flowers
    Pink flowers
    Blue flowers
    White flowers
    Digital Access Springer 2019