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    Stina Siedhoff.
    Intro; Foreword; Table of contents; Abstract; List of figures; List of tables; List of abbreviations; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Research context and problem statement; 1.2 Research objective; 1.3 Structure of the thesis; 2 Theoretical background; 2.1 Disruptive innovation concept; 2.1.1 Terminology and conceptualization of disruptive innovation; 2.1.2 The role of business models in disruptive innovation; 2.2 Business model concept; 2.2.1 Conceptualization of business models; 2.2.2 Business model as an activity system; 2.3 Business model innovation concept 2.3.1 Conceptualization and classification of business model innovation2.3.2 Business model innovation as a process vs. outcome; 2.3.3 Artifacts for business model innovation; 2.4 Synopsis and research question; 3 Design science research; 3.1 Overall research design; 3.1.1 Research paradigm; 3.1.2 Research method; 3.2 Exploratory research design; 3.2.1 Exploratory research method; 3.2.2 Sampling; 3.2.3 Data collection and preparation; 3.2.4 Data analysis; 4 Results and discussion of exploratory research; 4.1 Results; 4.1.1 Descriptive analysis; 4.1.2 Content analysis Problem identification and objective of a solution4.1.2.2 Business model patterns for disruptive innovations; 4.2 Discussion; 4.2.1 Purpose and scope; 4.2.2 Justificatory knowledge; 4.2.3 Principles of form and function; 5 Prescriptive research design; 5.1 Design construction; 5.1.1 Design as a search process; 5.1.2 Design as an artifact; 5.2 Design evaluation; 5.2.1 Design evaluation method; 5.2.2 Sampling; 5.2.3 Data collection and preparation; 5.2.4 Data analysis; 5.2.5 Role of the researcher; 6 Results and discussion of prescriptive research; 6.1 Results 6.1.1 Design construction: low-resolution artifact6.1.2 Design evaluation; 6.1.3 Design (re)construction and communication; 6.2 Discussion; 6.2.1 Principles of implementation; 6.2.2 Testable propositions; 6.2.3 Constructs and expository instantiation; 6.2.4 Artifact mutability; 7 Conclusion; 7.1 Contribution; 7.1.1 Contribution to theory; 7.1.2 Contribution to practice; 7.1.3 Contribution to methodology; 7.2 Limitations; 7.3 Further research; 7.4 Concluding remarks; References; Appendices;
    Appendix 1: Coding structure;
    Appendix 2: Pattern matrix
    Appendix 3: HMW brainstorming questions on problems organizations encounter when designing business models for disruption
    Appendix 4: Decision matrix for ideation stage;
    Appendix 5: Design Thinking evaluation workshop, Minutes;
    Appendix 6: Elements of the Design Theory for BMI in the context of DI
    Digital Access Springer 2019