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    M.S. Swaminathan, S.L. Kochhar ; assisted by Monica Manchanda.
    Summary: This comprehensive text on flowering trees of tropical gardens discusses some new species of trees, including Adansonia digitata, Monodora myristica, Flacourtia montana, Balanites aegyptiaca, Bursera serrata, Commiphora wightii and Semecarpus anacardium. The text covers more than 200 of the most striking and widespread trees alongside closely related genera and species (both native and exotic) commonly encountered in the tropical climate. It includes more than 700 high resolution coloured photographs, depicting different facets including growth habit, morphological details of stem, leaves, flowers and fruits. The different tree species are organized according to Bentham and Hooker's system of classification of seed plants. The book discusses many aspects of trees including common and botanical names together with synonyms, taxonomic families, etymology (how trees have derived their names), phenology, their native place, geographical distribution, mythological notes, religious significance and economic importance. The text is useful for graduate students and academic researchers in the field of life sciences.

    Introduction; Western Himalayas; Eastern Himalayas; North West Dry Zone; Indo-Gangetic Plains; West Coast or Malabar Zone; Central Indian Region; Deccan Plateau; North Eastern Hills; Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Magnolia, Laurel Magnolia, Southern Magnolia, Bull Bay, Lily Tree; Golden Champa, Yellow Champa, Orange Champak, Fragrant Champak, Golden Champa; Sugar Apple, True Custard Apple, Sweet Sop; Climbing Ylang-Ylang, Tail Grape, Hari Champa; Indian Fir, Mast Tree, Cemetery TreeCham-Khirni; Calabash Nutmeg, Jamaican Nutmeg, African Nutmeg; Elephant Apple, Indian Dillenia, Chalta; Annatto Tree, Lipstick Tree or Urucu, Arnotto Tree; Yellow Silk Cotton Tree, Torchwood Tree, Buttercup Tree; The Sacred Barna, Garlic Pear, Caper Tree, Bengal Quince; Mountain Sweet Thorn; Sal Tree, Sakhua, Shala Tree; Changeable Rose, Changeable Hibiscus, Cotton Rose, Chinese Rose, Confederate Rose; Coast Cotton Tree, Yellow Mallow Tree, Corkwood, Lime Tree-leaved Hibiscus, Mahoe, Sea Hibiscus; Pula, Roxburgh's Kydia Portia Tree, Indian Tulip Tree, Umbrella Tree, Bhendi Tree or Paras PipalPhalsa; Jamaica Cherry, Singapore Cherry, West Indian Cherry, Capulin, Calabur Tree, Panama Cherry, Strawberry Cherry; Lignum-Vitae, Tree of Life, Gum Guaiacum, Poke Wood Tree; Alexandrian Laurel, Balltree, Beauty Leaf, Borneo-Mahogany, Mast Wood, Indian Laurel, Tamanu, Delo Oil Tree, Oil-nut-tree, Beach Touriga; Iron-wood Tree, Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnut; Baobab, Monkey-Bread Tree, Upside-Down Tree, African Calabash Tree; Red Silk Cotton Tree, Red Kapok; True Kapok, White Silk Cotton Tree, Silk Cotton Tree; Mexican Silk Cotton Tree, Floss-Silk TreeUtrasum Bead Tree, Rudraksh Tree, Blue Quandong, Blue Fig, Silver Quandong; Devil's Cotton; Bastard Cedar, Honey-Fruit Tree, Musket Tree, Pigeon-Wood, West Indian Elm; East Indian Screw Tree or Nut-leaved Screw Tree; Tree Antigonan, Guest Tree, Timanga Tree; Bonfire Tree, The Coloured Sterculia; Maple Twist, Muchkunda, Kanak Champa, Dinnerplate Tree; Buddha's Coconut, Narikel; Wild Almond, Poon Tree, Foetid Sterculia, Hill Coconut, Dung Tree; Indian Tragacanth, Gum Karaya, Indian Gum Tragacanth, Kateera Gum Hairy Sterculia, Elephant Rope Tree, Woolly Ordure TreeBael Tree, Golden Apple, Bilpatre or Vilva, Bengal Quince; Wood-Apple, Elephant-Apple; Orange Jasmine, Chinese Box, Satin Wood, Sumatra Box; Indian Frankincense Tree, Indian Olibanum or Salai Guggul, Frankincense Tree; Garuga, Grey Downy Balsam; Tree of Heaven, Maharuk, Mahanimb, Ullu; Desert Date, Egyptian Myrobalan, Soapberry Tree, Egyptian Balsam, Thorn Tree, Heglig Berries; Bitterwood, Surinam Bitterwood, Amargo, Bitter-ash; Bird's Eye Bush, Golden Champak; Neem Tree or Margosa Tree
    Digital Access Cambridge 2019