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    Julian C. Hughes, University of Bristol, Toby Williamson, University of West London.
    Summary: "Preface: We all see dementia as a challenge. Indeed, many are frightened by the very prospect of it. This is not unreasonable, because more of us throughout the world are getting it as we live longer. And it's a serious and sometimes devastating condition. The biology and psychology of dementia, its medical and behavioural management, are all dealt with elsewhere. In this book we want to pause to reflect on other aspects of dementia because, as we shall argue, despite everything else about it, dementia is also a way of seeing more clearly the human condition. In the face of a threat to our lives and to our standing as persons with relationships and a sense of dignity and worth, we would argue that it's quite natural to ponder on some of the deeper aspects of our being in, or engagement with, the world. These ponderings are pertinent to us all, not just to those of us who will get or are already living with dementia"-- Provided by publisher.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2019