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    edited by Jeremy B. Searle (Cornell University), P. David Polly (Indiana University), Jan Zima (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).
    Summary: Presents new insights into speciation through an in-depth analysis of extraordinary chromosomal variation in one species written by leading experts.

    Milestones in common shrew chromosomal research / Jan Zima and Jeremy B. Searle
    Introducing the common shrew / Nikolay A. Shchipanov, Jan Zima and Sara Churchfield
    Morphology and genetics of the common shrew : general features
    Alina Mishta and Jeremy B. Searle
    Phylogeography / Fríða Jóhannesdóttir, Andrew J. Thompson, Rodrigo Vega, Jeremy S. Herman, Thomas A. White, Marja Heikkinen, Anna A. Bannikova and Jeremy B. Searle
    Chromosomal differentiation in the common shrew and related species / Nina S. Bulatova, Larisa S. Biltueva, Svetlana V. Pavlova, Natalia S. Zhdanova and Jan Zima
    Phylogenetic relationships of chromosomal races / Thomas A. White, Jan M. Wojcik and Jeremy B. Searle
    Meiosis and fertility associated with chromosomal heterozygosity / Pavel M. Borodin, Stanisław Fedyk, Włodzimierz Che̜tnicki, Anna A. Torgasheva, Svetlana V. Pavlova and Jeremy B. Searle
    Chromosomal hybrid zones / Stanisław Fedyk, Svetlana V. Pavlova, Włodzimierz Che̜tnicki and Jeremy B. Searle
    Gene flow between chromosomal races and species / GlennYannic, Patrick Basset, Agnès Horn and Jacques Hausser
    Geometric morphometric tests for phenotypic divergence between chromosomal races / P. David Polly and Jan M. Wojcik
    Is it really the chromosomes? / Patrick Basset, Glenn Yannic and Jacques Hausser
    Further divergence : the role of ecology and behaviour / Boris I. Sheftel, Natalia V. Moraleva and Jacques Hausser
    Climate, diversification and refugia in the common shrew : evidence from the fossil record / P. David Polly
    Shrews, chromosomes and speciation / Jeremy B. Searle, Jan Zima and P. David Polly.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2019