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    Alexander J. Howie.
    Summary: This illustrated handbook provides a short, clear, useful and interesting guide to the findings in renal biopsy specimens. Essential information needed for an understanding of renal disorders is given simply and concisely. The focus is on common conditions.

    1. Introduction
    2. General points about renal biopsy specimens
    3. Technical handling of renal biopsy specimens
    4.How to look at biopsy specimen: preliminary study
    5. How to look at a renal biopsy specimen: initial study of the kidney
    6. Indication for biopsy: nephrotic syndrome
    7. Indications for biopsy: acute kidney injury
    8. Indication for biopsy: chronic renal failure
    9. Indication for biopsy: hematuria
    10. Indication for biopsy: proteinuria
    11. Indication for biopsy: renal allograft
    12. Other indications for biopsy of kidneys.
    Digital Access Springer 2020