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    edited by Akihiko Takashima, Benjamin Wolozin, Luc Buee.
    Summary: This book presents essential studies and cutting-edge research results on tau, which is attracting increasing interest as a target for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Tau is well known as a microtubule-associated protein that is predominantly localized in the axons of neurons. In various forms of brain disease, neuronal loss occurs, with deposition of hyperphosphorylated tau in the remaining neurons. Important questions remain regarding the way in which tau forms hyperphosphorylated and fibrillar deposits in neurons, and whether tau aggregation represents the toxic pathway leading to neuronal death. With the help of new technologies, researchers are now solving these long-standing questions. In this book, readers will find the latest expert knowledge on all aspects of tau biology, including the structure and role of the tau molecule, tau localization and function, the pathology, drivers, and markers of tauopathies, tau aggregation, and treatments targeting tau. Tau Biology will be an invaluable source of information and fresh ideas for those involved in the development of more effective therapies and for all who seek a better understanding of the biology of the aging brain.

    1) Structure and role of Tau molecule
    (1) Tau structure in solution: FRET study
    (2) Tau structure in solution: NMR study
    (3) Structure of NFT: Biochemical approach
    (4) Structure of NFT: CryoEM approach
    (5) MAPT tau gene and FTDP-17 mutation
    (6) Tau phosphorylation
    (7) Tau acetylation
    (8) Tau truncation
    (9) Tau interacted proteins: interactome
    (10) Tau clearance mechanism
    2) Tau localization and function
    (11) Localization of Tau
    (12) Axonal transport
    (13) Synaptic localization of tau
    (14) Role of tau in synapse
    (15) Tau in nucleus and nucleic acids
    (16) Tau and the translational stress response
    3) Tauopathies; pathology, drivers, and marker
    (17) Tau pathology with aging
    (18) Clinical symptom and pathology of FTD including FTDP-17
    (19) Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
    (20) Myotonic dystrophies
    (21) Tau PET
    (22) Tau PET/connectome/fMRI
    (23) Stress
    (24) Diabetes
    (25) Relationship between ApoE and tau
    (26) Relationship between Ab and tau
    4) Tau aggregation, and therapy
    (27) Tau Oligomer
    (28) Tau droplet formation
    (29) Stress granule
    (30) Tau secretion
    (31) Tau seeding
    (32) Prion-like Tau propagation
    (33) Experimental models for tauopathies
    (34) Dementia therapy targeting tau
    (35) Tau aggregation inhibitor.
    Digital Access Springer 2019