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    Sonia Quiroga, editor.
    Summary: This book compiles examples of the most widely used tools in agricultural economics that have been developed and used to analyze the impact of global change in agricultural activity. The research papers on this topic are plenty but lack the methodology. The content of this book can be used by research students exploring additional methods in agricultural economics.

    Part I: Microeconomic modelling: Risk management, adaptation measures and stakeholders' perception
    Ch.1. Crop Production functions and efficiency models: Climate change and water adaptation policy over competitiveness and social disparities of crop production in the Mediterranean
    Ch.2. Using ecological modelling tools to inform policy makers of potential changes in crop distribution: an example with cacao crops in Latin America
    Ch.3. The effects of climate change on poverty and income distribution: A case study for rural Mexico
    Ch.4. The value of meteorological information in agrarian producers' decision making: introducing analytic decision models
    Ch.5. Participatory process: Approaches for assessing farmer behavior towards adopting climate change adaptation strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Part II: Macroeconomic and Complexity Modelling: Global challenges and multi-agent interactions in Mitigation and Adaptation Policy analysis
    Ch.6. CGE models in environmental policy analysis: A review and Spanish case study
    Ch.7. General equilibrium models: A computable general equilibrium model to analyze the effects of an extended drought on economic sectors in México
    Ch.8. Costs and benefits of Adaptation: "Economic appraisal of adaptation options for the agriculture sector
    Ch.9. The impacts of climate change on crop yields in Tanzania: comparing an empirical and a process-based model
    Ch.10. Development of a prioritization tool for climate change adaptation measures in the forestry sector
    A Nicaraguan case study.
    Digital Access Springer 2018