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    by Hwee Ming Cheng, Felicita Jusof.
    Summary: This first volume of the book covers 150 important words and phrases encountered in cardiovascular, respiratory and renal physiology, elaborating the concepts, principles and common themes around these words. It offers students a quiver of arrows to direct their thinking accurately in order to understand targeted processes in physiology. Physiology teachers also find this 'definitive' physiology text useful in their lectures and tutorial classes to elaborate on homeostatic mechanisms in physiology. With any increase in physiological knowledge, there will be new words and terms that describe new mechanisms, and definitions of key words in core physiology are essential points of reference since they provide the foundational word pillars needed to understand physiology texts. This book is a valuable companion to the Springer series "Physiology-Question Based Learning (Pq-BL)" by the author. Both the questions and words for learning physiology well have been selected from the successful annual Physiology Quiz International event that is chaired and designed by the author.

    Heart as an Electrical Organ
    Heart as a Rhythmic Pump
    Heart as a Pressure Producer
    Pathways from the Heart
    Physiological Adaptations of the Cardiovascular system
    Mechanics of Respiration
    Alveolar-Capillary Exchange
    Oxygen Transport
    Carbon Dioxide Transport
    Control of Respiration
    Glomerular Filtration and Renal Blood Flow
    Tubular Function
    Sodium and Potassium Balance
    Water Balance
    Acid-base Balance.
    Digital Access Springer 2018