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    Thomas A. Arcury, Sara A. Quandt, editors.
    Summary: Taking a social justice stance, this book highlights the unique characteristics of the farmworker population in the eastern United States. It examines the health and living conditions of this underserved population, while advocating for equality.

    About the Authors
    Chapter 1: The Health and Safety of Latinx Farmworkers in the Eastern United States: A Renewed Focus on Social Justice
    1.1 A Renewed Focus on Social Justice
    1.2 Organization of the Chapters
    1.3 Definitions and Conventions
    1.4 The Chapters
    Chapter 2: Latinx Farmworkers and Farm Work in the Eastern United States: The Context for Health, Safety, and Justice
    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 Farmworkers Defined
    2.3 Geographic Context
    2.4 Agricultural Context
    2.4.1 From Family Farm to Commercial Agriculture 2.4.2 The Risk and Safety Culture of US Farmers
    2.4.3 Regional Crops in the Eastern US with Farmworker Involvement
    2.4.4 Livestock and Poultry
    2.5 Demographic Context
    2.5.1 Number of Farmworkers
    2.5.2 Farmworker Personal Characteristics
    2.6 Housing Context
    2.6.1 Employer-Provided Housing
    2.6.2 Non-Employer-Provided Farmworker Housing
    2.7 Cultural Context
    2.7.1 General Beliefs and Values of Latinx Farmworkers
    2.7.2 Health Values, Beliefs, Behaviors General Health Beliefs Lay-Defined Illness Self-Treatment Versus Medical Care 2.8 Political Context
    2.8.1 Political Processes
    2.8.2 Political Organizations
    2.9 Summary and Recommendations to Address Health, Safety, and Justice
    Chapter 3: Occupational Injury and Illness in Farmworkers in the Eastern United States
    3.1 Introduction
    3.1.1 The Role of Culture in Farmworker Occupational Injury
    3.1.2 Data on Farmworker Occupational Illness and Injury Numerator Problems Denominator Problems
    3.2 Access to Optimal Health Care
    3.3 Common Occupational Health Problems
    3.3.1 Heat Stress Work-Related Hyperthermia Prevention of Heat Injury Other Heat Considerations
    3.3.2 Health Effects of Pesticide Exposure The Ubiquity of Farmworker Pesticide Exposure The Health Effects of Farmworker Pesticide Exposure Reducing Pesticide Exposure
    3.3.3 Musculoskeletal Injuries and Illness Musculoskeletal Injuries Affecting Farmworkers Diagnosis and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders Musculoskeletal Disorder Solutions
    3.3.4 Skin Disease Skin Disorders Affecting Farmworkers Skin Disease Solutions
    3.3.5 Hearing Loss Hearing Loss Occurring in Eastern Agriculture Causes of Hearing Loss in Farmworkers Hearing Loss Solutions
    3.3.6 Eye Injury Eye Injuries Affecting Eastern Farmworkers Chronic Irritation of the Eyes Cataract and Pterygium Eyesight and Eye Care Eye Injury Solutions
    3.3.7 Transportation Transportation Injuries Affecting Farmworkers Transportation Solutions
    3.4 Commodity-Specific Occupational Illness and Injury
    Digital Access Springer 2020