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    edited by David Male, Stokes Peebles, Victoria Male.
    Introduction to the immune system
    Cells, tissues and organs of the immune system
    Mechanisms of innate immunity
    Mononuclear phagocytes in immune defence
    T-cell receptors and major histocompatibility complex molecules
    Antigen presentation
    Cell-mediated cytotoxicity
    B-cell development and the antibody response
    Immunological tolerance
    Regulation of the immune response
    Immune responses in tissues
    Immunity to viruses
    Immunity to bacteria and fungi
    Immunity to protozoa and worms
    Primary immunodeficiencies
    Aids, secondary immunodeficiency and immunosuppression
    Autoimmunity and autoimmune disease
    Transplantation and rejection
    Immunity to cancers
    Immediate hypersensitivity (type I)
    Hypersensitivity (type II)
    Hypersensitivity (type III)
    Hypersensitivity (type IV).
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2021