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    edited by Jeannine Brant.
    Summary: The only OCN Exam review developed in collaboration with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), "Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing", 6th Edition, is the must-have OCN certification review resource. This essential guide covers the entire scope of practice for oncology nursing and reflects important changes in the dynamic field of cancer treatment and care. -- From publisher's description.

    Part 1: The care continuum. Epidemiology, prevention, and health promotion / Joni L. Watson
    Screening and early detection / Jaya M. Gill
    Survivorship / Stacie Corcoran
    Palliative and end-of-life care / Regina M. Fink and Nancy Robertson
    Nursing navigation across the cancer continuum / Shama Shrestha and Ellen Carr
    Communication and shared decision making / Pamela Katz and Joseph D. Tariman. Part 2: Scientific basis for practice. Carcinogenesis / Jennifer Alisangco Tschanz and Cathleen Sugarman
    Immunology / Christine Boley
    Precision medicine / Marlon Garzo Saria and Santosh Kesari
    Genetic risk factors / Julie Eggert
    Clinical trials and research protocols / Marlon Garzo Saria and Santosh Kesari
    Bone and soft tissue cancers / Ellen Carr
    Breast cancer / Jan Petree
    Gastrointestinal cancers / Christa Braun-Inglis
    Genitourinary cancers / Sally Maliski
    Head and neck cancers / Beverly Hudson and Ellen Carr
    HIV-related cancers / Brenda K. Shelton
    Leukemia / Stephanie Jackson and Jeannine M. Brant
    Lung cancer / Geline J. Tamayo
    Lymphoma / Judy Petersen
    Multiple myeloma / Joseph D. Tariman and Jazel Dolores Sugay
    Neurologic system cancers / Mady C. Stovall
    Reproductive system cancers / Denise Falardeau
    Skin cancer / Krista M. Rubin and Christine Boley. Part 3: Treatment modalities. Surgery / Gail W. Davidson
    Nursing implications of hematopoietic stem transplantation / Terry Wikle Shapiro
    Radiation therapy / Susan Weiss Behrend
    Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy / Patti Davis and Anna Howard
    Biotherapies: targeted therapies and immunotherapies / Kristine Deano Abueg and Brenda Keith
    Support therapies and access devices / Dawn Camp-Sorrell. Part 4: Palliation of symptoms. Pharmacologic interventions / Tia Wheatley and Rowena N. Schwartz
    Complementary, alternative, and integrative modalities / Roberta Bourgon
    Cardiovascular symptoms / Deborah Kirk Walker
    Cognitive symptoms / Catherine E. Jansen
    Endocrine symptoms / Marianne Davies
    Fatigue / Jeannine M. Brant
    Gastrointestinal symptoms / Rita Wickham
    Genitourinary symptoms / Sally Maliski
    Hematologic and immune symptoms / Eileen Galvin
    Integumentary symptoms / Kathy Waitman
    Musculoskeletal symptoms / Kathy Waitman
    Neurologic symptoms / Kathy Waitman
    Nutrition issues / Diana Cope
    Pain / Jeannine M. Brant
    Respiratory systems / Leslie Matthews
    Sleep-wake disturbances / Tricia Montgomery and Jeannine M. Brant. Part 5: Psychosocial dimensions of care. Altered body image / Elizabeth Freitas
    Caregiver burden / Geline J. Tamayo
    Cultural and spiritual care / Emily A. Haozous
    Psychosocial disturbances and coping / Kathleen Murphy-Ende
    Sexuality and sexual dysfunction / Patricia W. Nishimoto and Hana K. Choi. Part 6: Oncologic emergencies. Metabolic emergencies / Elizabeth Delaney, Carol Nikolai and Kristi Coe
    Structural emergencies / Wendy Vogel. Part 7: Professional practice. Standards of practice and professional performance / Barbara Lubejko
    Evidence-based practice / Jennifer Shamai, Tia Wheatley and Allison Winacoo
    Principles of education and learning / Diana Cope
    Legal issues / Julie Ponto
    Ethical issues / Jeanne Marie Erickson and Joshua Hardin
    Professional issues / Lani Kai Clinton
    Compassion fatigue / Susie Newton.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey Nursing 2020