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    edited by Eugene Kim, Brenessa Lindeman.
    Summary: This book provides a detailed guide for surgeons and surgical trainees on a variety of facets relevant to wellbeing, and how to maintain wellbeing throughout a career in academic surgery. Individual and external factors relevant to wellbeing are both covered in relation to the surgeon. Aspects covered include healthcare roles, personal factors, socio-cultural factors, the regulatory business, and payer environment. Potential strategies for managing welfare including considerations for both students and residents are provided, as are methodologies for studying aspects of wellbeing. Wellbeing offers a practical and personal insight on maintaining wellbeing in academic surgery and is a valuable resource for all practicing and trainee surgeons across a variety of disciplines, as well as those who are interested in studying factors affecting the wellbeing of surgical specialists.

    What is wellbeing
    Why focus on wellbeing
    Important terms (burnout, wellbeing, resilience)
    Conceptual framework for wellbeing
    Healthcare Role
    Personal Factors
    Meaning/Purpose in Work
    Skills and Abilities
    External Factors of Wellbeing
    Socio-cultural Factors
    Regulatory, Business, Payer Environment
    Organizational Factors
    Learning/Practice Environment
    Improving Wellbeing
    Addressing Individual Factors
    Addressing External Factors
    Recovering from Burnout
    Wellbeing Considerations for Medical Students up
    Wellbeing Considerations for Residents
    The Study of Wellbeing
    Approaches to study wellbeing
    Tools of the Trade
    Evaluating organizational structures and institutional policy for wellbeing
    Emerging areas of research
    Career development in wellbeing.
    Digital Access Springer 2020