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    edited by Douglas J. Mathisen, Christopher R. Morse ; illustrations by Body Scientific International, LLC., Anne Rains.
    Summary: Take your surgical skills to the next level with Thoracic Surgery: Transplantation, Tracheal Resections, Mediastinal Tumors, Extended Thoracic Resections, a volume in the Master Techniques in Surgery Series! This thoracic surgery reference provides the richly illustrated, step-by-step guidance you need to perfect a full range of thoracic surgery techniques, avoid and manage complications, and achieve optimal outcomes. Key features: see exactly how to perform the full range of procedures, both open and minimally invasive, for lung transplantation, thoracic outlet syndrome, pectus repair, diaphr.

    Part I: Endoscopy
    Rigid/flexible bronchoscopy / Douglas J. Mathiesen
    Airway stenting / Aaron M. Cheng, Douglas E. Wood
    Part II: Lung resection: General principles
    Endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound staging in lung cancer / Jordan Krazakov, Moishe Liberman
    Mediastinoscopy: Current role in thoracic surgery and management of complications / Tibor Krajc, Michael Rolf Mueller
    Transcervical extended mediastinal lymphadenectomy (TEMLA) for staging of nonsmall cell lung cancer / (NSCLC) / Martin Zieliński [and others]
    Mediastinal node dissection right/left (VATS/Open) / Hiroshi Date
    Robotic lymph node dissection / Franca M.A. Melfi, Olivia Fanucchi, Alfredo Mussi
    Techniques/complications of thoracotomy / Dan J. Raz
    Part III: Lung resection: Lobectomy
    Right upper lobe: Open / Walter Weder, Ilhan Inci
    Right upper lobe: VATS / Michael J. Weyant
    Open middle lobectomy / Gunda Leschber
    Right middle lobe: VATS / Michael J. Weyant
    Right lower lobe: Open / Ralph A. Schmid, Gregor J. Kocher
    Right lower lobe: VATS / Michael J. Weyant
    Open left upper lobectomy / N. Golan, Thomas K. Waddell
    Left upper lobe: VATS / Michael Lanuti
    Left lower lobectomy: Open / David Tom Cooke
    VATS lower left lobectomy / Daniel G. Nicastri, Oskar Kizhner, Todd S. Weiser
    Precision cautery laser excision / Tae H. Song, Christopher R. Morse
    Robotic approach to lobectomy / Benjamin Wei, Robert James Cerfolio
    Part IV: Lung resection: Segmentectomy
    Right upper lobe (Anterior, posterior, apical) / Laureano Molins [and others]
    VATS right upper lobe (RUL) segmentectomy / Andrew J. Kaufman, Raja M. Flores
    Superior and basilar right lower lobe segmentectomies / Gaetano Rocco
    Video-assisted thoracoscopic right superior and basilar segmentectomy / M. Blair Marshall, Dominic Emerson
    Left upper lobe segmental resection: Lingula and superior division--Open approach / N. Golan, Thomas K. Waddell
    Left upper lobectomy: VATS / Robert E. Merritt
    Left lower lobe segmentectomy (superior and basilar): Open techniques / Sean C. Grondin, Colin Schieman
    Left lower lobe segments--VATS / Hugh G. Auchincloss, Christopher R. Morse
    Part V: Lung resection: Superior sulcus resection
    Anterior approach to lung cancers invading the thoracic inlet / Olaf Mercier, Elie Fadel, Philippe Dartevelle
    Superior sulcus resection-posterior approach / Cameron D. Wright
    Thoracic en bloc spondylectomy / Claudio E. Tatsui, Laurence D. Rhines, Garrett L. Walsh
    Part VI: Lung resection: EPP
    Extrapleural pneumonectomy / Valerie W. Rusch
    Pleurectomy and pneumonectomy / Andrew J. Kaufman, Raja M. Flores
    Part VII: Lung resection: Broncoplastic procedures/vascular reconstructions
    Upper right sleeve lobectomy / John D. Mitchell
    Right middle lobe sleeve resection / Mara B. Antonoff, Bryan F. Meyers
    Right lower and middle lobe sleeve lobectomy / Douglas J. Mathieson
    Left upper sleeve lobectomy / Federico Venuta [and others]
    Left lower lobe sleeve resection / Paula A. Ugalde [and others]
    Right and left mainstem bronchial sleeve resections / Smita Sihag, Douglas J. Mathieson
    Pulmonary artery sleeve resection and lobectomy / Antonio D'Andrilli, Federico Venuta, Erino A. Rendina
    VATS sleeve lobectomy / Robert J. McKenna Jr
    Part VIII: Lung resection: Carinal resection
    Neocarina / John C. Wain
    Right carinal sleeve pneumonectomy: Transsternal approach / John C. Wain
    Right carinal sleeve pneumonectomy: Transthoracic / Michael Lanuti
    Carinal right upper lobectomy / Harald C. Ott, Douglas J. Mathieson
    Left carinal resection / Cameron D. Wright
    Carinal resection: Pneumonectomy stump recurrence / Eric H. Twerdahl, Douglas J. Mathieson
    Part IX: Management complications
    Transsternal repair of postpneumonectomy bronchopleural fistual / Olaf Mercier, Marc de Perrot, Shaf Keshavjee
    Transthoracic repair bronchopleural fistula / Francis C. Nichols
    Muscle flaps for general thoracic surgeons / Mark S. Allen
    Omental flap / Bryan M. Burt, Joseph B. Shrager
    Persistent air leaks/pleural spaces / Douglas J. Mathieson, Christopher R. Morse.
    Digital Access LWW Health Library 2015