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    Rana Limbo, PhD, RN, CPLC, FAAN, Charlotte Wool, PhD, RN, FAAN, Brian S. Carter, MD, FAAP, editors.
    Summary: "The purpose of the book is to provide clinicians from multiple disciplines the opportunity to examine key topics in perinatal and neonatal palliative care that can be considered for implementation into practice. The perspectives of many disciplines are intentionally included in this handbook, including those of nurses, physicians, child life specialists, chaplains, social workers, administrative officials, genetic counselors, respiratory therapists, and others. The aim is to provide information from a wide variety of viewpoints that will enable individual team members to forge interdisciplinary approaches to care, assess current programs, develop strategies to improve the quality of care, and tailor new models of care for patients in need of palliative care services. The book aims to speak to those who wish to move the domains of perinatal and neonatal palliative care forward"-- Provided by publisher.

    Understanding palliative care. Advancing palliative care to perinatal and neonatal settings / Charlotte Wool and Beth Perry Black ; Neonatal and perinatal palliative care services and programs / Steven R. Leuthner and Emilie Lamberg Jones ; Creating seamlessness in palliative care services / Sara Muñoz-Blanco, Sue Huff, Renee D. Boss, and Christy Torkildson
    Caring for the whole family in palliative care. Comfort in perinatal and neonatal palliative care: an innovative plan of care focused on relational elements / Elvira Parravicini and Francis T. McCarthy ; Suspending judgment: being with and knowing the family / Terri Major-Kincade, Leslie L. Harris, and Stacy C. Smith ; Helping siblings connect, relate, and say goodbye / Meghaan R. Nguyen ; Barriers to referring patients for perinatal palliative care / Barthélémy Tosello and Marie-Ange Einaudi
    Planning and decision-making. Communicating devastating news / Steven R. Leuthner, Renee D. Boss, and Brian S. Carter ; Grief and memories begin with diagnosis / Rana Limbo and Marie A. Walter ; Anticipatory guidance: birth and advance care planning / Jessica T. Fry, Natalia Henner, and Andrea Caruso ; Difficulty in predicting survival: genetics and genetic counseling / Martha Dudek and Rebecca D. Carter ; "Compatible with love": qualitative analysis of decision-making rationale of parents who continue pregnancy affected by a life-limiting fetal condition / Jesse Wool and Charlotte Wool ; Perinatal regoaling in the face of serious illness: hopeful thinking, good-parent beliefs, and uncertainty / Douglas L. Hill, Jackelyn Y. Boyden, Christ Feudtner, and David A. Munson ; Building and sustaining relationships during pregnancy / Amy Kuebelbeck
    Physical aspects of palliative care: diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Attending to pain and suffering in palliative care / Marc-Antoine Marquis and Antaione Payot ; Managing pain and discomfort in the mother / Steven D. Waldman, Melissa Liddle, Reid A. Waldman, and Kelley L. Sharp ; Perinatal palliative care in the context of fetal or neonatal surgery / David A. Munson ; Palliative care at the time of unexpected premature delivery / Lezlie H. Andersen, Bethany D. Kaemingk, and Christopher A. Collura ; Compassionate extubation and withdrawal of life-sustaining therapies / Jennifer S. Linebarger and Meghan Tracewski
    Supporting families and care providers through the nuances of palliative care. Lactation and breastfeeding in the context of perinatal palliative care / Diane L. Spatz and Joanna C. M. Cole ; Ten ethical principles for neonatal palliative care / Franco A. Carnevale, Jacqueline van Wijlen, and Brian S. Carter ; Spirituality: the effects of another's pain and suffering on care providers / Darryl I. Owens and Hadley Kifner ; Assessing perinatal grief intensity in the palliative care setting / Marianne H. Hutti and Lela A. Baker ; Strategies to honor professional well-being in perinatal and neonatal care / Kathie Kobler.
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