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    Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Freimut Bodendorf, editors.
    Summary: This in-depth book addresses a key void in the literature surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and health. By systematically evaluating the benefits of mobile, wireless, and sensor-based IoT technologies when used in health and wellness contexts, the book sheds light on the next frontier for healthcare delivery. These technologies generate data with significant potential to enable superior care delivery, self-empowerment, and wellness management. Collecting valuable insights and recommendations in one accessible volume, chapter authors identify key areas in health and wellness where IoT can be used, highlighting the benefits, barriers, and facilitators of these technologies as well as suggesting areas for improvement in current policy and regulations. Four overarching themes provide a suitable setting to examine the critical insights presented in the 31 chapters: Mobile- and sensor-based solutions Opportunities to incorporate critical aspects of analytics to provide superior insights and thus support better decision-making Critical issues around aspects of IoT in healthcare contexts Applications of portals in healthcare contexts A comprehensive overview that introduces the critical issues regarding the role of IoT technologies for health, Delivering Superior Health and Wellness Management with IoT and Analytics paves the way for scholars, practitioners, students, and other stakeholders to understand how to substantially improve health and wellness management on a global scale.

    Section 1: Mobile And Sensor Based Solutions
    Towards a Medical Tricorder
    A 3D-Map to Categorize Diseases for Self-Care with Mobile Technology
    Piloting a Mobile Tele-Simulation Unit to Train Rural and Remote Emergency Health Care Providers
    Drone Delivery for Medical emergencies
    Converting Disability into Ability Using IT/IS And Smart Textiles
    A Mobile Nursing Solution
    SmartCoping: A Mobile Solution For Recognizing Stress And Coping With IT
    Changing Behaviour Of Kids With Obesity With Gamification Wearables
    Precision Wellness: An Optimization Model
    The Development Of A Wearable For An Automated Documentation And An Improved Staff Planning In Outpatient Care
    Toward A Better Life For Diabetic Patients
    Developing And Integrating A Non-invasive Self-Management Support Tool Within A Smart Digital Companion
    Section 2: Opportunities To Incorporate Critical Aspects Of Analytics To Provide Superior Insights And Thus Support Better Decision Making
    Intelligent Risk Detection in Healthcare: Integrating Social and Technical Factors to Manage Health Outcomes
    A Literature Review on Predicting Unplanned Patient Readmissions
    Using KM To Develop Superior Online Health Decision Support Solutions: The Case of Allergy Care
    Opportunities For Using Blockchain Technology in Ehealth : E-prescribing In Germany
    Knowledge Acquisition Of Consumer Medication Adherence
    Addressing Data Accuracy And Information Integrity In Mhealth Solutions Using Machine Learning Algorithms
    Enabling Value-based Healthcare With Business Analytics And Intelligence
    Section 3: Critical Issues Around Aspects Of IoT In Healthcare Contexts
    A Review Of Mixed Reality In Healthcare
    Implementing Lean Principles In The Healthcare Industry: A Theoretical And Practical Perspective
    Data, Denial, Disparity : Is This A New Digital Divide
    The Enabling Role For Technology In The Support Of Care Coordination In Healthcare
    Managing The Risks Of Emerging IoT Devices
    Mosquitoes and Public Health: Improving Data Validation of Citizen Science Contributions Using Computer Vision
    Section 4: Applications Of Portals In Healthcare Contexts
    Using Responsive Web Design To Enhance The User Experience Of Chronic Disease Management Portals for Clinical Uses
    Older Adults Empowerment Through Training And Support And Its Implication On Proactive Self-Monitoring, Patient Engagement, And Connected Health
    An Evaluation Of A Point-of-Care System Implementation And Adoption In A Multi-Campus Private Hospital In Melbourne
    Leveraging The IOT To Enable The Guided Self-Determination Method
    Determining Key Elements in OIS To Improve The Patient Experience And Clinical Care
    Toward Actionable Knowledge: A Systematic Analysis Of Mobile Patient Portals
    A Lazy User Perspective To Patient Adoption And Use Of Personal Health Records
    The Australian PCEHR OR My Health Record
    the Journey Around A Large Scale Nationwide Digital Health Solution
    Digital Access Springer 2020