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    M. Bradford Henley, Michael F. Githens, Michael J. Gardner.
    I: Patient positioning and operative principles
    Patient positioning
    Intraoperative assessment of lower-extremity alignment
    Management of open fractures, compartment syndrome, bone defects, and infection
    II: Shoulder/arm
    Scapula and glenoid fractures
    Clavicle fractures
    Proximal humerus fractures
    Humeral shaft fractures
    III: Elbow/forearm
    Distal humerus fractures
    Proximal radius and ulna fractures
    Forearm fractures
    Distal radius fractures
    IV: Pelvis/acetabulum
    Pelvic ring injuries
    Acetabular fractures
    V: Hip
    Femoral head fractures
    Femoral neck fractures
    Intertrochanteric femur fractures
    VI: Femur
    Subtrochanteric femur fractures
    Femoral shaft fractures
    Periprosthetic fractures of the femur
    VII: Knee
    Distal femur fractures
    Patellar fractures
    Tibial plateau fractures
    VIII: Tibia
    Tibial shaft fractures
    IX: Ankle
    Pilon fractures
    Ankle fractures
    Talus fractures
    X: Foot
    Calcaneus fractures
    Navicular and cuboid fractures
    Lisfranc injuries
    Metatarsal neck fractures
    XI: External fixation and miscellaneous
    Knee-spanning external fixation
    Ankle-spanning external fixation
    Foot external fixation
    Miscellaneous and hardware removal tips.
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