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    Vibhakar Vachhrajani, Payal Khakhkhar.
    Summary: This book outlines, from a surgeon's standpoint, how physicians and mid-level providers working at wound care centres can expeditiously and effectively manage wounds. It comprehensively addresses the concept of wound healing, from the healing process to debridement concepts, and various antiseptics and local antibiotics used in dressing materials to facilitate healing. The book also discusses the latest inventions and treatment options that have revolutionized wound healing, such as: oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, electric therapy and ultrasonic wound therapy. In closing, it examines the latest regenerative therapies based on stem cell therapy, cellular therapy and gene therapy. Given its scope, the book offers a valuable resource for medical students and physicians dealing with wound management, as well as a reference guide for nurses in primary and tertiary wound care settings.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Pathophysiology of wound healing
    Chapter 3. Debridement
    Chapter 4. Antiseptics and local antibiotics. Chapter 5. Absorbent dressings (simple gauze and others). Chapter 6. Moisturizing dressings
    Chapter 7. Other types of dressings
    Chapter 8. Other modalities of treatment
    Chapter 9. Growth factors and hormones
    Chapter 10. Regenerative therapy
    Chapter 11. Offloading, footwear and immobilization
    Chapter 12. Management of hypertrophic scar
    Chapter 13. Different types of wounds.
    Digital Access Springer 2020