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    Robert L. Bard, editor.
    Summary: This book showcases the latest digital skin imaging, optical/laser systems and advanced immunologic therapies including topics ranging from the basic dermatologic sciences to advanced microscopic and laser optics. The addition of radiologic breakthroughs serves as comprehensive source for the dermatologic community, helping them access sonographic, CT, MRI and nuclear medicine procedures refined for dermatologic and subcutaneous pathologies. In addition, it assists radiologists determine the appropriate imaging technologies for specific clinical dermal disorders. A detailed and up-to-date overview of image-guided treatments is provided. The initial chapters on benign and inflammatory diseases are precursors to advanced chapters on hidradenitis suppurativa and pigmented lesion analysis. A dedicated chapter on melanoma skin cancer and malignant melanoma is followed by updated concepts of melanoma treatment, including genetic markers and PET/CT to monitor therapeutic success. Further chapters address such topics as dermal trauma from foreign bodies and burns, scar imaging, fillers complications and podiatric imaging. Chapters on optical coherence tomography and reflectance confocal microscopy complete the coverage. All chapters were written by dermatologists trained in ultrasound diagnosis, interventional radiologists, dermatopathologists and specialists in advanced optical and microscopic dermatologic analysis, providing a reference guide to noninvasive diagnosis techniques and image guided minimally invasive treatment options. As such, Image Guided Dermatologic Treatments will be an invaluable asset for clinicians in medical and allied fields where dermatologic diagnosis using the least invasive option is required.

    Chapter 1 Advantages of Sonography of Benign Skin Diseases
    Chapter 2 Image guided Treatments in Skin Inflammatory Diseases
    Chapter 3 Ultrasound of Hidradentitis Suppurativa
    Chapter 4 Pigmented Melanocytic Tumors
    Chapter 5 Ultrasound Diagnosis of Non melanoma Skin Cancer and Malignant Melanoma
    Chapter 6 Assessment of Efficacy of Systemic Therapy in Patients with Metastatic Melanoma
    Chapter 7 Dermal Trauma: Burns and Foreign Bodies
    Chapter 8 OCT Image Guided Treatment of Scars
    Chapter 9 Advantages of Sonography in Fillers and Complications
    Chapter 10 Podiatric Dermal Sonography
    Chapter 11 OCT guided Laser Treatment and Surgery
    Chapter 12 Reflectance Confocal Microscopy for the Diagnosis and Management of Skin Diseases.
    Digital Access Springer 2020