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    Philip Rubin, John T. Hansen.
    Summary: The Second Edition of TNM Staging Atlas with 3D Oncoanatomy has been updated to include all new cancer staging information from the Seventh Edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. The atlas presents cancer staging in a highly visual rapid-reference format, with clear full-color diagrams and TNM stages by organ site. The illustrations some original and some derived from Grant's Atlas of Anatomy are three-dimensional, three-planar cross-sectional presentations of primary anatomy and regional nodal anatomy. They show the anatomic features identifiable on physical and/or radiologic examination and the anatomic extent of cancer spread which is the basis for staging. A color code indicates the spectrum of cancer progression at primary sites (T) and lymph node regions (N). The text then rapidly reviews metastatic spread patterns and their incidence. For this edition, CT or MRI images have been added to all site-specific chapters to further detail cancer spread and help plan treatment. Staging charts have been updated to reflect changes in AJCC guidelines, and survival curves from AJCC have been added to site-specific chapters"--Provided by publisher.

    Sect. 1. Head and neck primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Paranasal ethmoid sinus and mucosal melanomas
    Maxillary sinus antrum
    Oral cavity
    Parotid gland
    Supraglottic larynx
    Glottic and subglottic larynx
    Sect. 2. Thorax primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Pancoast cancer
    Bronchioloalveolar cancer
    Large cell anaplastic cancer
    Squamous cell cancer
    Small cell anaplastic cancer
    Breast cancer
    Thoracic exophagus
    Sect. 3. Abdomen primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Esophagogastric junction
    Stomach cancer and stromal tumors
    Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts
    Extrahepatic bile ducts
    Pancreas and ampulla of vater
    Small intestine
    appendix adenocarcinoma and carcinoids
    Sect. 4. Male genital tract and urinary system primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Kidney and adrenal cancer
    Renal pelvis and ureters
    Urinary bladder
    Penis. Urethra
    Sect. 5. Gynecologic primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Ovary and fallopian tube
    Fundus uteri
    Gestational trophoblastic tumors of the uterus
    Uterine cervix
    Sect. 6. Generalized anatomic primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    skin integumentary system
    Skin integumentary system
    Musculoskeletal soft tissue sarcoma
    Osseous skeletal system
    Lymphoid neoplasms: Hodgkin's lymphom and non-Hodkin's lymphoma
    Sect. 7. Ophthalmic primary sites. Introduction and orientation
    Eyelid, adnexa, conjunctiva
    Uvea (malignant melanoma)
    Orbit sarcomas, lymphomas, and lacrimal gland carcinomas
    Online chapters. Central nervous system tumors (online only)
    The ear (online only).
    Digital Access LWW Health Library 2012