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    Stephen M. Stahl.
    Summary: "As many readers know, Essential Psychopharmacology started in 1996 as a textbook (currently in its fourth edition) on how psycho- tropic drugs work and then expanded to a companion Prescriber's Guide in 2005 (currently in its sixth edition) on how to prescribe psychotropic drugs. In 2008, a website was added ( with both of these books available online in combination with several more, including an Illustrated series of several books covering specialty topics in psychopharmacology. In 2011 a case book was added, called Case Studies: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology that shows how to apply the concepts presented in these previous books to real patients in a clinical practice setting. Now comes a compre- hensive set of questions and answers that we call Stahl's Self- Assessment Examination in Psychiatry: Multiple Choice Questions for Clinicians, designed to be integrated into the suite of our mental health/psychopharmacology books and products in the manner that I will explain here"--Provided by publisher.

    Basic neuroscience
    Psychosis and schizophrenia and antipsychotics
    Unipolar depression and antidepressants
    Bipolar disorder and mood stabilizers
    Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics
    Chronic pain and its treatment
    Disorders of sleep and wakefulness and their treatment
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its treatment
    Dementia and cognitive function and its treatment
    Substance use and impulsive compulsive disorders and their treatment
    CME: posttest and certificate.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2019