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    edited by Christopher J. Salgado, Stan J. Monstrey, Miroslav L. Djordjevic ; assistant editor Harvey W. Chim.
    Facial feminization surgery : a global approach / Luis Capitan, Daniel Simon -- Speech modification / James P. Thomas -- Top surgery / Britt Colebunders, Salvatore D'Arpa, Stan J. Monstrey -- Combined hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and chest reconstruction in the female-to male transgender patient / Christopher J. Salgado, Renee Gasgarth, Lydia A. Fein, Christopher Estes -- Male-to-female gender affirmation skin-flap vaginoplasty / Miroslav L. Djordjevic, Dusan Stanojevic, Marta Bizic -- Male-to-female gender affirmation colon vaginoplasty : total laparoscopic -- Sigmoid vaginoplasty / Mark-Bram Bouman, Wouter B. van der Sluis, Marlon E. Buncamper, Wilhelmus J.H.J. Meijerink -- Female-to-male gender affirmation metoidioplasty / Marci L. Bowers, Borko Stojanovic, Marta Bizic -- Female-to-male gender affirmation phalloplasty : radial forearm flap / Christopher J. Salgado, Harvey Chim, Varsha R. Sinha, Piet Hoebeke, Stan J. Monstrey -- Anterolateral thigh flap phalloplasty / Stan J. Monstrey, Salvatore D'Arpa, Britt Colebunders, Nicolaas Lumen, Piet Hoebeke -- Expert commentary / Curtis Crane, Klara Sputova -- Female-to-male gender affirmation phalloplasty : latissimus dorsi flap / Miroslav L. Djordjevic, Sinisa Kojic, Borko Stojanovic -- Testicular and erectile implants in transmen after phalloplasty / Piet Hoebeke, Nicolaas Lumen -- Management of unfavorable urologic sequelae following phalloplasty in -- Transgender patients / Yuka Yamaguchi, Jamie P. Levine, Lee C. Zhao -- Unfavorable results in phalloplasty surgery / Salvatore D'Arpa, Nicolaas Lumen, Piet Hoebeke, Christopher J. Salgado, Vishal K. Sinha, Natalie Joumblat, Stan J. Monstrey -- Medical treatment of the adolescent transgender patient / Daniel E. Shumer, Norman P. Spack -- Adult hormonal therapy in the transsexual patient / Melany Castillo, Roy E. Weiss -- Mental health care for transgender and gender-nonconforming children, adolescents, and adults / Walter O. Bockting, Amir Adam Tarsha, Yasmina Zoghbi, Clara Alvarez-Villalba -- Sexual health issues following surgery for transgender individuals / Marilyn K. Volker, Lydia A. Fein -- Gender expression and image / Michelle Horne, Lydia A. Fein.