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    edited by Marc G. Jeschke, Lars-Peter Kamolz, Folke Sjöberg, Steven E. Wolf.
    Summary: The second edition of this volume provides updated information on acute burn treatment. It also discusses genomic responses to burns and novel techniques in this area. Divided into four topical parts, this book provides insights into the history, epidemiology, prevention of burns, as well as initial and pre-hospital management of burns, acute burn care and therapy, and non-thermal burns. All chapters have been edited by leading world authorities on burn care and offer readers a broad overview of the techniques and outcomes in this area. Please also have a look at "Handbook of Burns Volume 2 - Reconstruction and Rehabilitation 2nd edition."

    A History of burn care
    Epidemiology and prevention of burns throughout the world
    Prevention of burn injuries
    Burns associated with wars and disasters
    Population based research and outcomes
    Education in burns
    Team building in burns
    QI/PI and Benchmarks
    Outcome measures
    Translational research to improve outcomes
    First responder
    Pre-hospital management
    Admission of burn patiens to the Burn Centre including Burn wound evaluation
    Burn size estimation, challeneges and novel technology
    Early management of burn patients and fluid resuscitation
    Novel resuscitation strategies and technology
    Diagnosis and management of Inhalation injury, respiratory therapy
    Pathophysiology of burn injury
    Genomic and Proteomic responses to burn
    Organ responses and organ support
    Critical care of thermally injured patients
    Nutrition support for the burn patient
    Anabolic and anti-catabolic agents after burn
    Treatment of Infections in burns
    Anaesthetisa for patients with acute burns, adult, peds, elderly
    Pain management after burn
    Psychological, Delirium, ASD management
    Nursing management of the burn-injured person
    Rehabilitation management during the acute phase
    Paediatric burn management
    Burns in older adults
    Burns in patients with special co-morbidities
    Wound healing and wound care
    Non-surgical management of burn patients
    Surgical management of burn patients
    Acute management of facial burns, acute vs. long term, surgical vs. non-surgical, face transplant
    Hand burns
    Treatment of burns novel technologies
    Scarring and scar management
    Electrical injury
    Chemical burns
    Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
    Challenging burn cases examples.
    Digital Access Springer 2020