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  • Book
    edited by Albert Losken, Moustapha Hamdi ; illustrations by Jennifer N. Gentry.
    Summary: The new edition includes increased video/DVD coverage, new chapters on BRAVA tissue expansion, flaps, and increased detail on mega-filling the breast with fat. The book is published with a bundled eBook, which includes an image library so all the images can be downloaded.

    Part One: Evolution of oncoplastic surgery
    Fundamentals of oncoplastic breast surgery
    Current approach to oncoplastic breast surgery
    How to incorporate oncoplastic surgery into your practice
    Part Two: Principles and considerations of oncoplastic breast conservation
    Applied anatomy and breast aesthetics: definition and assessment
    Breast-conserving therapy
    Breast-conserving therapy: decision-making and anticipating the unfavorable aesthetic and functional result
    Oncologic safety of the oncoplastic approach for breast conservation surgery
    Improving the partial mastectomy deformity
    Improving the quadrantectomy defect
    Breast radiotherapy in oncoplastic surgery
    Indications and benefits of oncoplastic breast surgery
    Designing the oncoplastic operation
    Timing of the oncoplastic reconstruction: immediate, delayed, and delayed-immediate
    Psychosocial aspects of oncoplastic breast conservation
    Part Three: Immediate partial breast reconstruction
    Reduction techniques to optimize results
    Reduction and mastopexy techniques with parenchymal autoaugmentation
    Central defect reconstruction
    The role of local flaps as volume replacement in oncoplastic reconstruction
    Latissimus dorsi miniflap reconstruction
    Endoscopic latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction
    Omental flap reconstruction
    Pedicled perforator flap reconstruction
    Partial breast reconstruction using distant flaps
    Part Four: Correction of the breast-conserving therapy deformity: delayed partial breast reconstruction
    Classification and analysis of the breast-conserving therapy deformity
    Rearrangement surgery
    Correction of the breast-conserving therapy deformity using local flaps
    Perforator flap reconstruction of breast-conserving therapy deformities
    Local perforator flaps in oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery: the nottingham experience
    Breast lumpectomy reconstruction with external vacuum expansion and autologous fat grafting
    Fat grafting in the breast-conserving therapy deformity
    Can implants correct a breast-conserving therapy deformity?
    Part Five: Outcomes and future directions
    Cancer surveillance after partial breast reconstruction
    Complications and outcomes after immediate partial breast reconstruction
    Outcomes and tumor recurrence after oncoplastic surgery of the breast: eighteen-year follow-up.