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    edited by Christine A. Hamori, Paul E. Banwell, Red Alinsod.
    Anatomy and classification of the female genitalia : implications for surgical management / Paul E. Banwell
    Psychosocial issues and social mores in female genital aesthetic surgery : what is normal? / Kharen Ichino, Jennifer L. Walden
    Informed consent and liability in cosmetic genital surgery / Neal R. Reisman
    Labial reduction : surgical wedge technique / Christine Hamori
    Labia minora reduction surgery : curved linear resection / Red Alinsod
    Labia majora reduction surgery : majoraplasty / Red Alinsod
    Clitoral hood reduction techniques / Otto J. Placik
    Augmentation of the labia majora with fat grafting / Lina Triana, Mildred M. Martínez, Paul E. Banwell
    Augmentation of the labia majora with fillers / Nicolas Berreni
    Complications of female cosmetic genital surgery / Christine Hamori
    Perineoplasty and vaginoplasty / Marco Pelosi II, Marco Pelosi III
    Hymenoplasty / Otto J. Placik
    Auxiliary procedures / Clara Santos, Red Alinsod
    Future avenues and advances / Colin C.M. Moore
    O-shot / Charles Runels
    Transcutaneous temperature-controlled radiofrequency for vulvovaginal rejuvenation / Red Alinsod
    Fractional erbium laser for vaginal rejuvenation / Evgenii Leshunov.