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    Joseph Torresi, Sarah McGuinness, Karin Leder, Daniel O'Brien, Tilman Ruff, Mike Starr, Katherine Gibney.
    Summary: The fourth edition of this well received book provides an authoritative and up-to-date resource to support good practice in travel medicine, a field that has evolved substantially in recent years. Concretely, there has been intensified monitoring of health problems among travellers, as well as extensive research efforts, which have led to the development of evidence-based approaches to the field. The book includes expert recommendations regarding e.g. immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, travellers diarrhea, altitude sickness, emerging infections, and non-infectious health issues encountered by travellers. It provides a practical approach to the pre-travel consultation and management of most issues that arise in medical care for travellers. In addition, it provides expert advice for high-risk travellers, e.g. those with immunosuppression, the elderly, pregnant women and young children. The text offers a user-friendly, practical handbook for healthcare practitioners during their clinical consultations, as well as nurses and pharmacists.

    Principles of pre-travel health care
    Pre-travel immunisation for various diseases
    Malaria prevention in travellers
    Arboviral infections in travellers
    Travellers diarrhoea
    Non-vaccine preventable infectious problems in travellers
    Non-infectious problems in travellers
    Travellers with special needs
    Illness in returned travellers
    Resources for travel health information.
    Digital Access Springer 2019