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    Diego Foschi, Giuseppe Navarra, editors ; foreword by Paolo De Paolis.
    Summary: This comprehensive, multi-authored book covers all aspects of surgery on obese patients in emergency conditions. Obesity is a metabolic disease affecting a high percentage of world population. It involves marked anthropometric changes, affecting surgical practice and altering patients' ability to react to surgical stress. The prevalent comorbidities also affect the rate of complications and mortality after surgery. The obesity paradox, the ability of obese patients to survive emergency operations in spite of an increased risk of complications, is an effect of the widespread development of "Obesity Science". This volume discusses this science, examining the frailty of the obese patients and the main comorbidities that affect clinical practice, as well as the most frequent emergency situations after trauma, inflammatory diseases and the complications of bariatric surgery. With contributions from leading experts, it provides clinicians with detailed and updated information for better practice in this emerging field of surgery.

    1 The frailty of the obese patients and the effect of surgical stress
    2 Emergency anaesthesia in the obese patient
    3 Perioperative and intensive care management of the obese surgical patient
    4 Postoperative complications in ICU
    5 The ERAS protocol
    6 Trauma and burns in obese patients
    7 Perforations of the upper gastrointestinal tract
    8 Acute Diverticolitis
    9 Acute appendicitis
    10 Pancreatic and biliary emergencies
    11 Bowel obstruction
    12 Abdominal compartment syndrome
    13 The evolution and development of bariatric surgery
    14 Metabolic complications after b.s.: the faulse acute Abdomen
    15 Complications after bariatric surgery.: a general overview
    16 Complications of BIB therapy
    17 Complications of restrictive operation
    18 Upper G-I bleeding after bariatric surgery
    19 Peptic ulcer after bariatric surgery
    20 Bowel obstruction after bariatric surgery
    21 Acute peritonitis and abscess after bariatric surgery
    22 Anastomotic leakage after bariatric Surgery: from prevention to treatment
    23 Gallstones and related complications, cholecistitis and Cholangitis after bariatric surgery
    24 Emergencies After bariatric surgery: the role of flexible endoscopy and interventional radiology
    25 Extreme remedial surgery for b.s. acute complications
    26 Accreditation of the surgeon to emergency bariatric surgery
    27 Litigation after bariatric surgery.
    Digital Access Springer 2020