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    Ik-Kyung Jang, editor.
    Summary: This heavily revised second edition comprehensively reviews the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in cardiovascular practice. It provides detailed guidance on how to properly interpret OCT images and successfully utilise it in daily clinical practice Chapters cover the development and physics associated with OCT, relevant interpretation skills, OCT imaging artifacts, plaque erosion, bioabsorbable stent, the detection of vulnerable plaque, and the use of OCT imaging in unison with other modalities such as phase contrast imaging (PCI). Areas of potential future development are also covered Cardiovascular OCT Imaging enables interventional cardiologists and cardiologists to quickly become both familiar and develop a detailed understanding of this technology to improve patient care and treatment outcome. It is a valuable reference for all practising and trainee medical professionals in cardiology, and in particular those who specialize in interventional cardiology.

    The Development and Physics of OCT
    Histology Validation of OCT Images
    Basic Interpretation Skills
    Intravascular OCT Imaging Artifacts
    Coronary plaque types: TCFA, healed plaque, calcified plaque
    Plaque Erosion
    How to use OCT to optimize PCI
    Post-PCI OCT findings and the clinical significance
    Very Late Stent Thrombosis (neoatherosclerosis)
    Bioabsorbable Stent
    Detection of Vulnerable Plaque
    Multi-modality imaging
    Future Development. .
    Digital Access Springer 2020