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    P. Ann Solari-Twadell, Deborah Jean Ziebarth, editors.
    Summary: A multi-authored book, with editors and authors who are leaders in Faith Community Nursing (FCN) that aims to address contemporary issues in faith-based, whole person, community based health offering cost effective, accessible, patient centered care along the patient continuum while challenging contemporary health policy to include more health promotion services. Twenty-five chapters take the reader from a foundational understanding of this historic grass-roots movement to the present day international specialty nursing practice. The book is structured into five sections that describe both the historical advancement of the Faith Community Nursing, its current implications and future challenges, taking into account the perspectives of the pastor, congregation, nurse, health care system and public health national and international organizations. The benefits of this book are that it is intended for a mixed audience including lay, academic, medical professionals or health care executives. By changing the mindset of the reader to see the nurse as more than providing illness care, the faith community as more than a place one goes to on Sunday and health as more than physical, creative alternatives for promoting health emerge through Faith Community Nursing.

    Intro; Foreword; Case in Point; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contents; Part I: Changing the Understanding of Health: Foundational Implications for Faith Community Nursing;
    1: Faith Community Nursing: A Professional Specialty Nursing Practice; 1.1 Faith Community as a Profession; 1.2 Characteristics of a Profession; 1.3 Specialization in Nursing; 1.4 Faith Community Nursing as a Specialty Practice; 1.5 Looking at Health; 1.6 Specialty Knowledge and Specialty Practice; 1.7 Research in Faith Community Nursing Practice Using NIC; 1.8 Conclusion; Appendix; Exercise 1; Personal Values Identifying What Is Important; Exercise 2; What Is Health????; Exercise 3; Personal Values Related to Health: Identifying What Is Important; Exercise 4; Assessing My Motivation for Change; References;
    2: Faith Community Nursing: As Health Ministry; 2.1 Faith Community as the Center of Spiritual and Moral Development; 2.2 Integrator of Faith and Health; 2.3 Personal Health Advisor; 2.4 Health Educator; 2.5 Trainer of Volunteers; 2.6 Developer of Support Groups; 2.7 Referral Agent and Liaison with Faith Community and Community Resources; 2.8 Health Advocate; 2.9 Strategies for Initiating the Practice of Faith Community Nursing2.10 Visibility and Communication; 2.11 Health Cabinet or Wellness Committee; 2.12 Staff Member; 2.13 Self-Care; 2.14 Conclusion; References;
    3: Faith Community Nursing: A Wholistic and Holistic Nursing Practice; 3.1 Wholistic or Holistic?; 3.2 Origins; 3.3 Underpinnings: Wholistic; 3.4 Delivery of Care: Wholistic; 3.5 Recent Exploration of Wholistic Health Care; 3.6 Underpinnings: Holistic; 3.7 Core Values; 3.7.1 Core Value One: Holistic Philosophy, Theory, and Ethics 3.7.2 Core Value Two: Holistic Caring Process3.7.3 Core Value Three: Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Healing Environment, and Cultural Diversity; 3.7.4 Core Value Four: Holistic Education and Research; 3.7.5 Core Value Five: Holistic Nurse Self-Reflection and Self-Care; 3.8 Delivery of Care: Holistic Nursing; 3.9 Synopsis (Table 3.1 in Appendix); 3.10 Significant Works; 3.11 Specialty Nursing Organization; 3.12 Certification, Scope of Nursing Practice, Ongoing Education, and Research; 3.13 Medical Subject Heading: MeSh Term; 3.14 Implications and Conclusion; Appendix
    Digital Access Springer 2020