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    Detlef Schuppan, Kristin Gisbert-Schuppan.
    Summary: This book is about three inflammatory conditions that underlie wheat sensitivities caused by the consumption of wheat and related cereals. The book describes, discusses and differentiates celiac disease, amylase trypsin inhibitor (ATI) sensitivity, and the wide spectrum of wheat allergies, especially a novel, but highly common atypical wheat allergy. The mechanisms of the three wheat sensitivities along with their clinical characteristics, and their their state-of-the art diagnosis and therapy are thoroughly described. This is accompanied by commented case reports. The book is well structured and illustrated with numerous easy-to-grasp yet scientifically updated sketches. The novelty, immunological insight and praxis relevance for specialists as well as patients and interested laypeople makes this book appealing to a broad readership. Written by an internationally distinguished scientist and clinician in food and wheat related diseases, this book is intended for GPs, internists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists and immunologists, as well as dieticians, researchers and especially patients who might be affected by these sensitivities.

    1 Introduction
    2 Wheat, gluten and ATI: An overview
    3 Immunology of the intestine
    4 Celiac disease and its manifold manifestations
    5 ATI sensitivity
    6 Lactose, fructose and histamine intolerance: Over-diagnosed and overrated
    7 Classical and atypical food allergies
    8 It's not always wheat!
    9 Outlook.
    Digital Access Springer 2019